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21C market single ‘Palladium for today and Cobalt for tomorrow’ set to be a winner

21C market single ‘Palladium for today and Cobalt for tomorrow’ set to be a winner

Palladium (Pd) has been this year’s best performing commodity so far. With prices up 59% over the last year it’s easy to see why the market is excited. As of the 20th of March 2019 the price of palladium was USD 1,595/oz, making the palladium more valuable than gold.

Palladium is part of the Platinum Group Metals Group (PGMs) and is used mostly in car catalytic converters. Tightening auto-emissions rules globally requiring larger volumes of platinum-group metals in exhaust catalysts are causing price rises. Added to this, restricted supply and recent talk of a Russian export ban have pushed palladium prices even higher. Any cheaper alternative will take years to get to the market, hence most analysts are forecasting a palladium supply deficit for at least 3 years.

Cobalt is another key green energy metal, needed in the lithium-ion battery to maintain safety in most electric cars. Most analysts see a severe cobalt deficit starting post 2022.

Electric Vehicle (EV) and hybrid vehicle growth impact on cobalt and palladium demand

EV and hybrid growth impact on cobalt and palladium demand

 21C Metals Inc.(CSE: BULL | OTCQB: DCNNF) is an exploration company focused on the acquisition and development of deposits of production-grade metal that are critical components to current and future vehicle technology. In particular, palladium and cobalt. Palladium’s necessity is in catalytic converters and cobalt is in electric vehicle batteries.

21C Metals has identified a clear opportunity to benefit from current palladium shortages and medium-term supply deficit; and medium/long term supply deficit in cobalt.


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