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8020 & TSX Investinit

8020 & TSX Investinit

I’m Trevor Shaw, V.P. of Client Services at 8020 Connect. One of my responsibilities is to work closely on our partnership agreement with the TSX “investinit” program. We want to encourage issuers who are on that platform to engage with their current shareholders and the investment community at large.The issuers who are listed on the “investinit” platform are currently seeking financing, and together with the TSX, are displaying the pertinent information pertaining to their offerings. We at 8020 Connect are working in partnership with the TSX and TSX Venture “investinit” initiative to help these issuers, through our social media platform, to start a public or private forum to engage with the investment community. The goal is to more effectively educate and inform these groups about the company, their projects and business. It is intended through our platform to help explain in detail the use of proceeds sought in their current financing effort. We also specialize in social media dissemination through all social media portals to help issuers with their branding, corporate narrative and transparent information to a global audience. Here are some of my personal observations: Since I started reviewing companies seeking capital in the Canadian market, the list opened at almost 500 companies in late September when we signed our agreement with the Toronto Stock Exchange. Currently we add on average 6-12 new issuers each day to our sales pipeline under the TSX “investinit” initiative. Currently there are 159 companies on the TSX “investinit” seeking capital and after either their financing closes and/or if the Company issues a news release announcing changes to the financing, it will be reposted as it will be updated. Today alone there is $30 million dollars in capital sought through all means of offerings from only 6 new postings. Just in the last week, approximately 30 companies have sought capital for a staggering $300 million dollars.
Many of these companies are in the resources sector, and are no-doubt seeking capital to exploit the unique opportunities that are available now, as a direct result of the low commodity prices. At 8020, we are trying to help companies build an investment brand, reach a larger audience of investors and increase the level of shareholder loyalty and support. At first, I thought this was a brilliant idea, but now, I am more convinced than ever before that the idea seems to be a required part of any company’s investor and shareholder outreach programs. I have personally seen the consolidation in the investment industry in the last year, and this will only continue. Some of these consolidation and acquisition activities are fueling the financing efforts of many issuers, and they therefore must be more pro-active in the engagement of shareholders and investors to be successful in their efforts. 8020 will increase shareholder and investor engagement, and help to ensure success for companies looking to raise capital through traditional means. Why are companies hesitant to jump into social media arena to reach a larger audience? Mostly its fear of the great unknown. However, this is indeed the future, and every company should embrace this new communication medium. We at 8020 have been helping our clients through this new transition, and all of them are now saying that they wished they had made this leap a long time ago. Look at this from a very simple reality. As a part of the corporate management team, you probably work daily at speaking with several shareholders and investors.
Imagine if that could be thousands or even hundreds of thousands by the simple click of the “enter” button. That’s is what social media brings to the investment community. Exciting!!! So what companies will find their capital ?? Like they always say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. If you’re looking for capital and you want to build investor interest, the only way I know how to generate an audience, (or win elections), is through social media. If you want to know how I can help you build your investment brand – join 8020 Connect today..
Trevor is 8020’s V.P. of Client Services. His primary function is liaison with new companies making the leap in embracing the technology fostering shareholder engagement and transparency. From the initial on-boarding process to scheduling client video shoots to receiving updated contact for client investor groups, Trevor’s commitment is for clients to see the results of their shift to this new movement.

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Laura Garet

Laura is 8020 Connect’s Client Communications & Social Media Specialist. In 2014, She received her Bachelor of Communications in Information Design from Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. After a couple brief positions in other marketing roles, Laura has found her home with 8020.

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