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Canada’s Oil & Gas Industry

Canada’s Oil & Gas Industry

Canada’s Oil and Gas industry is active in 12 out of 13 provinces. With the use of many goods and services among the provinces of our great country, the oil and gas exploration and production industry has a presence that is felt nationally! Below are some fast facts about each province and how they contribute to Canada’s industry.

  • “Alberta is Canada's largest oil and natural gas producer and is home to vast deposits of oil sands.
  • British Columbia is Canada's second largest natural gas producer.
  • With the development of the Sinclair field, Manitoba has increased its crude oil production four-fold since 1999, and doubled it since 2008.
  • New Brunswick has a long history of crude oil and natural gas production.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador has three producing projects offshore oil projects, one development project and significant exploration activity.
  • Nova Scotia has two producing natural gas projects and several companies are actively exploring offshore.
  • Ontario's manufacturing sector is an important supplier for Canada's oil sands industry.
  • Exploration activity on Prince Edward Island have identified the existence of potential reservoirs, including a discovery made offshore near East Point.
  • New and significant deposits of natural gas from shale rock were found along Québec's St. Lawrence Lowlands in 2008.
  • Saskatchewan is Canada's second largest producer of oil. There are continued advancements being made in the development of new, more efficient technologies and reduced impact on the environment.”

Canada’s energy industry is a world leader in producing oil and gas assets which provides environment sustainability for future generations, worksite safety for all those mom’s and dad’s and economic prosperity for Canadian families.

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