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Canadian Mining #stocktowatch Mining Sector (Feb 20, 2020)

Canadian Mining #stocktowatch Mining Sector (Feb 20, 2020)

It’s hard to doubt, but Canada is finding itself in a bull mining market. 8020 to a look at the surging precious metals markets this week for the #stocktowatch post. Investors beware, mining is a very promoted industry and a lot of “weekend players” show up and try to run promotions on weak plays. Do your due diligence, speak to an advisor and/or trusted individual before making any investments. 

Metals to watch:

Rhodium (Feb 20th):     $12,500 per ounce
Palladium (Feb 20th):   $2,728 per ounce  
Gold (Feb 20th):            $1,612 per ounce 
Platinum (Feb 20th):     $1,009 per ounce 
Silver (Feb 20th):           $18.46 per ounce 

POST DATE: Feb 20th, 2020

Silver looks like be next to breakthrough metal according to most technical reports.

8020 Freemium Account: Cerro de Pasco: CDPR:CNX

Mineral: Silver

Recent News:

CDPR to Acquire Cerro de Pasco Operations in Peru

Cerro de Pasco Resources Signs Definitive Agreement with the Quiulacocha Community

8020 Group:
Chart: Cerro De Pasco Resources (CDPR:CNX)


(Previous introduced Feb 13, 2020) 8020 Client: Canadian Palladium: BULL:CNX 

Mineral: Palladium and Colbalt

Recent News:

Canadian Palladium Commences Drilling
BULL Closed 4,000,000 financing 
BULL Commences 10,000-meter drilling program

Investor Group:

Chart: Canadian Palladium Res (BULL:CNX)


(Previous introduced Feb 13, 2020) Non-8020 Client: Great Atlantic Resources Corp: GR:CA

Mineral: Gold, Antimony, Tungsten

Recent News:

GR Closes 1,000,000 financing
GR Drill Results: 2.30 g/t Gold Over 25.25 meters



Check 8020 regularly for #stocktowatch updates.

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