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Day-to-Day Living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Day-to-Day Living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia can be a rewarding job, whether you’re a hired care-giver or a loved one taking care of another loved one. Here are some tips for the day-to-day living with the disease and what is important to those suffering.

Routines and reminders

Keeping a routine can help people with dementia continue to do things on their own. Activities such as dressing, grooming, bathing and eating can form a pattern in daily living. Routines help the person with dementia know what to expect, and help her to continue to do things on her own.


The home is an important place for everyone. For the person with dementia, a familiar environment can help her connect with the past and maintain a sense of who she is. However, some practical changes may need to be made to keep the home "dementia-friendly." When modifying your home environment, keep it familiar, striking a balance between safety and independence. Too many restrictions can make it difficult for her to take part in daily activities, and can seriously affect her self-esteem.

Personal care

We all want to look good and feel good. People with Alzheimer's disease may need more help as time goes on. Some days, routines can be accomplished with little or no effort. Other days, every task may seem like a challenge.

Driving & transportation

Alzheimer's disease and other dementias cause changes that affect a person's ability to drive a motor vehicle safely. A diagnosis of dementia, however, does not automatically mean that a person is incapable of driving. Some people may be capable of driving safely for some time after the diagnosis, depending on when in the disease progression the person has been diagnosed and the rate the disease progresses.

Staying active

The disease progression cannot be stopped, but you can still maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Eat properly.
  • Stay active - ask your doctor what kinds of activities you can do.
  • Rest when you are tired.
  • Take medications as prescribed.
  • Stay connected to family members and friends.


Sleep disturbances are common with Alzheimer’s disease and they impact both the person with the disease and the caregiver. While older adults without the disease may experience changes in their sleep patterns, they tend to be more severe in someone with the disease.

Meal time Healthy eating is important for all of us. Sharing meal times with family and friends can provide structure to the day and increase the enjoyment of food.

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