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Educational Contests

Educational Contests

Contests for University students are a fantastic way to challenge yourself, cultivate your skills, the knowledge you have learned in the classroom to practical situations and may offer you the opportunity to learn by a style you hadn’t experienced before. Some are individual entries and some are team-based, helping to brush up your teamwork skills. Worldwide contests like Shell Ideas360, Sony World Photography Awards for Youth, and many other scholarship competitions all encompass these qualities. For instance, a popular type of contest across Canadian universities are called the “Three-Minute-Thesis” competition. Depending on the level of education the students are involved in, the rules can differ, but they are generally competing for scholarship funds or a cash prize.
These types of competitions can build valuable skills around public speaking and audience connection and have many benefits for the learning process. “Students may learn in various ways and they may have their own individual styles. Some enjoy group work; others may enjoy individual work. Some may prefer teacher centered instruction; some others may be interested in self-generated research projects. Competitive learning mainly is organized as an extracurricular activity and some sort of project based learning, it can cause motivation and satisfaction which will accomplish through problem solving and creativity.”
Studies “suggest that the combination of game theory with the use of friendly competitions provides a strong motivation for students; helping to increase their performance.” Spriza offers its clients the opportunity to generate leads and distribute messaging through peer-to-peer incentivized sharing, while increasing a brand’s conversion rates. The magic is in the formula of exciting prizes that entice users to share, with software automation that tracks and collects data, providing clients with a consumer database for remarketing initiatives. Join Spriza’s Investor Group on 8020 Connect today to learn more about the Spriza offering! Sources: article/pii/S0360131510000527


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