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Georox Resources Inc – Silverdale Project

Georox Resources Inc – Silverdale Project

Georox Resources Inc. owns a 6.9 to 15 per cent interest on lands consisting of 1,040 acres located in Silverdale Saskatchewan. The company produces oil from eight wells in the Manville Channel and three wells from the Sparky Zone. The operators are Husky Oil and Northern Blizzard. At the end of November, Georox released an update on this project: “Recently the Corporation completed a salt water disposal well, 07-012-48-28W3 through its operator. An injectivity test has confirmed that the well is capable of 14,500 bbls of water per day which can handle all the needs of the entire field.
This will now lead to the tie-in of all of its eight oil wells and is expected to increase operating cash flow through the handling of produced water through its own facilities. In addition, a high-volume lift program was initiated on the well 10-11-48-28W3 to determine its high volume lift production capability. Gross oil production from this well increased from 25 bopd to 70 bopd. From this test the entire field capability can be extrapolated to justify a complete expansion of the project and it is currently estimated that this field will increase by an estimated 225 bopd gross (15 bopd net to Georox for a total of 35 bopd.”
Georox is engaged in the exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas in Western Canada. The Corporation is growth oriented and has been prudent in its acquisitions. The strategic objective is to grow shareholder value based on current assets while remaining focused on continued expansion, exploration and production opportunities. The strategic focus provides for stable growing production with current assets in Canada. To learn more about Georox Resources, Check out their Investor Group for up to date news and information. Source:


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