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How Contests Increase Brand Awareness

How Contests Increase Brand Awareness

Contests are a fun and rewarding way to increase brand awareness, positively advertise your service or product and generate leads. Contests can be mutually beneficial to those participating and the company running it: A chance at a great prize, and If executed successfully, can be a great promotional tool for your service or product.

The strategy you use will establish the amount of success you have creating brand awareness and loyalty to your company. This includes defining your goals, your promotion strategy and your prize. While it’s important to grow your users or subscribers, it’s also crucial to reward your already loyal fans.

Contests are a great way to build your fan base. Depending on the strategy taken, and the prize, contests can provide a huge increase in likes on social media profiles. Fans of your product or offering can quickly become ambassadors for your brand after a contest. Contests also prove to have high engagement, ie. a user-generated content promotion, those participants become naturally interested in your brand and potentially bringing in more participants and awareness by the amount of sharing, liking and reposting they do.

Spriza offers its clients the opportunity to generate leads and distribute messaging through peer-to-peer incentivized sharing, while increasing a brand’s conversion rates. The magic is in the formula of exciting prizes that entice users to share, with software automation that tracks and collects data, providing clients with a consumer database for remarketing initiatives.


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Laura Garet

Laura is 8020 Connect’s Client Communications & Social Media Specialist. In 2014, She received her Bachelor of Communications in Information Design from Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. After a couple brief positions in other marketing roles, Laura has found her home with 8020.

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