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Hydroelectric Power Generation

Hydroelectric Power Generation

Hydroelectricity is electricity produced from the kinetic energy contained in moving water. It is also one of the most efficient and lowest cost methods of large scale power generation, making it highly competitive with other sources of electricity. A Hydroelectric project produces no direct waste, and has no greenhouse gas emissions. It is considered to be clean green renewable energy. Alaska Hydro Corporation is currently working to develop the More Creek Hydroelectric Project (the “Project”) which will be located on More Creek which flows into the Iskut River approximately 130 km north of the town of Stewart in northwestern British Columbia.
The Project will store water at the head of the More Creek canyon using an 84 m high roller compacted concrete dam to create a water storage reservoir.The anticipated size of the water storage reservoir will be approximately 3000 ha at full operating level with a live storage (useable) volume of approximately 870 million cubic meters. The maximum output of the Project facility is estimated between 70-75 MW resulting in a project that would generate approximately 346 GWh of energy per year at the site.” Alaska Hydro Corporation is engaged in the development of renewable energy projects focused primarily on hydroelectric power generation for resource development in northern climates.
Northern British Columbia is undergoing significant resource development with new mines and LNG plants in different stages of planning and construction. These projects, and others to follow, will require a long term reliable supply of power. Since the Northwest Transmission line does not have the capacity to meet all the potential demand for energy, significant opportunity exists for Projects that would provide much needed additional sources of energy at the end of a long and vulnerable transmission line.

If you're interested in learning more about Alaska Hydro, Join their Investor Group Here.



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