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Invest smartly in the shiny things you enjoy

Invest smartly in the shiny things you enjoy

By: Darren Stewart Ah, the iPhone. In all its shiny $839 glory just so you can send emails and knock out a game of Clash of Clans. Who the heck spends that kind of money on a phone? Well, with 74 million of these things sold in the first quarter of 2015 alone and even two biopic films of its creator, it turns out a lot of people buy these things. If that $839 were put in a time machine and taken back to 1980 when Apple had its IPO, it would be worth around a quarter-million dollars today. While it’s fair to say it would take a Rasputin-level of fortune telling to have done that, an investment during the launch of the first iPhone in 2007 still would have resulted in a gain several times over. For others, such as my car mechanic, the way to invest was through his stomach. He noticed his entire shop along with his staff were religiously wolfing down A&W burgers around the time of A&W’s No-Hormone beef re-branding around 2013. 

Not being a particularly well-educated investor he decided he wouldn’t be the only person to buy more their burgers so he invested in early 2014 for around $21. Well, it’s now sitting at over $28, which is a tidy 33% gain. That doesn’t include the monthly dividend either and likely was re-invested back into the stock. When people ask, “what should I invest in?” There’s obviously no hard and fast rule. If you want safe, go buy some bonds. You’re not going to shower in iPhones but at least your money will be doing something. However, take it a few steps further and look at the products and services you use. The company you might be looking for might even be listed on our 8020Marketplace. Or maybe it’s your hockey skates, a new car, an airline that seems different… you get the idea. Do your friends and family rave about it too? If they do, it’s probably worth the time to check out the company, see who’s running it, if its making money and if the stock hasn’t experienced a price surge.

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