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Leveraging Social Media

Leveraging Social Media

Social media is a powerful force, and has become a permanent and ever-growing part of our everyday life. Roughly a quarter of the world’s population is on at least one social network and that number is only going to get bigger. “It’s pretty evident that there’s a mass market to be reached through social network sites, apps, and platforms. The trick is how to engage with these people… You need to bring content to consumers that is exciting and relevant to them!” Some basic tips to leverage this massive market starts with listening to what’s being said about your brand. Read all your Facebook comments and set up a keyword or hashtag stream to watch your reputation and industry.
Ask your customers real and thoughtful questions that lead to ways for you to improve your business, and take constructive criticism into consideration. Partnering or promoting related content can generate interest from new consumers. Engaging and talking to these new consumers, like a real person, is appreciated in this medium: People like talking to a real person. “For the average consumer, it’s often easy to forget that there’s an actual human being behind every Facebook and Twitter profile. Use every interaction as an opportunity to change that perception by using their name, your initials, and employing a tone that doesn’t resemble an 80s-era corporate memo.”
Engaging customers in this manner is the first step to creating true brand ambassadors for your business and promoting brand awareness, along with interesting and relevant content. “A contest with an enticing grand prize that must be shared by the entrant (spreading your message) is a great method to growing your brand online!” Spriza Media Inc. is the leading social network for prizes and incentives. Join Spriza’s Investor Group on 8020 Connect today to learn more about the Spriza offering! Sources:


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Laura Garet

Laura is 8020 Connect’s Client Communications & Social Media Specialist. In 2014, She received her Bachelor of Communications in Information Design from Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. After a couple brief positions in other marketing roles, Laura has found her home with 8020.

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