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Melatonin is Banging on the Walls, Sick of all the Noise.

Melatonin is Banging on the Walls, Sick of all the Noise.

Resisting the urge to check your feeds or email one last time before bed has created more than a few late nights. Getting sucked into Netflix, or endless chains of YouTube videos isn’t the biggest culprit robbing people of sleep however - the light from the device itself is the SleepBurglar™.

Research on LCD affecting the brain at a fever pitch

Dozens of research teams have sprung up to study the effect of light produced by tablets, phones, and TVs using LCD screens, all of which need to be backlit to see their content. Nearly a decade after they started hitting the consumer market, researchers are discovering that the wavelength produced by LCD screens is affecting our brains and our sleep. Whenever we are outside enjoying the sun, the hormone Melatonin is being regulated in our brains. Melatonin is responsible for our internal sleep clock and a host of other functions in the body. The right amount helps us sleep normally - the wrong amount throws our bedtime into chaos. One research team led by associate professor Mariana Figueiro at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute tested the effects of self-luminous tablets on melatonin suppression. “Our study shows that a two-hour exposure to light from self-luminous electronic displays can suppress melatonin by about 22 percent. Stimulating the human circadian system to this level may affect sleep in those using the devices prior to bedtime,” said Figueiro.

No lightsaber can fight sleep disruption, but LiteBook can

Enter LiteBook - a company that’s been in front of this problem for more than 15 years. Offering portable sources of light therapy and blue ray blocking glass to help reset the body’s internal clock from the SleepBurglar™. How does it work? 1. Using a proper light device allows the brain to suppress melatonin when you don’t want it and increase serotonin when you need to feel awake and alert… the mid-afternoon doldrums! 2. Using Litebook’s Blue Ray Blocking glasses while accessing electronic devices shortly before sleeping helps the body naturally release melatonin to deliver the quality sleep you need. LiteBooks products are designed to emit or remove concentrations of light at specific wavelengths and are used by people who need to maintain a healthy body clock. You may not know it, but disrupting your sleep cycle contributes to fatigue, loss of mental clarity, and weight gain. LiteBook’s unique tools put you in control of your body’s clock.

Fight back against the SleepBurglar™

Our busy lives aren’t likely to up and change back to the simple routines of our cave dwelling ancestors, but with the help of companies like LiteBook we are better armed to deal with the SleepBurglar™ when he creeps into our homes late at night, while we’re trying to watch YouTube cats play pianos.

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