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Natural Gas & the Alberta Coal Phase-Out

Natural Gas & the Alberta Coal Phase-Out

Natural gas plants are quickly becoming a very popular fuel for electricity due to its clean nature. In fact, natural gas-fired electricity is expected to account for 80 percent of all further electricity generation capacity by 2035.  

Emerald Bay Energy is working to be more involved in Gas-To-Power for generating higher returns on depressed natural gas prices in Alberta, while benefitting the environment.  

The Alberta Government has mandated plans to phase out coal production by 2030, retiring 12 out of 18 of their current coal-fired generation plants and reducing the emissions of the remaining plants. These will be replaced by renewable energy, natural gas or by using technology that does not produce any greenhouse gas emissions.  

“Alberta has an opportunity to demonstrate its leadership and provide an example to other jurisdictions as coal-fired electricity emissions are phased-out around North America.” Terry Boston, Coal Phase-out Facilitator  

The health and environmental impacts of coal-fired electricity generation plants are what have sparked the need for change. This is no easy feat for Alberta, as over half of the electricity this province uses comes from coal. We are also Canada’s largest coal producer and consumer.  

“Pollution from coal-burning power plants is harmful to our health and it’s costing Albertans hundreds of millions in additional health care costs and lost productivity. We are taking action to protect our health, economy and environment for future generations. Our plan will ensure Alberta consumers and taxpayers are protected, communities and workers are supported, and companies and investors are treated fairly throughout this transition.” Deron Bilous, Minister of Economic Development and Trade  

Emerald Bay Energy is working towards adopting such innovative tactics as part of their energy diversification strategy. They are using the Alberta initiative as an opportunity to build natural gas fired electrical generation projects, and it is just one of the avenues they are pursuing to remain on the forefront of the industry and adhere to Alberta’s plan of action.

To learn more, join Emerald Bay Energy on 8020 Connect!  

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