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Protecting Yourself: Recognizing Investing Scams

Protecting Yourself: Recognizing Investing Scams


There is always some risk in any kind of investing transaction, but it is important to know first hand the signs of a scam. Being protected against fraud and loss should be a top priority for any investor, and the Alberta Securities Commission provides tools that will arm any investor with the knowledge they need to be aware.

There are so many scams that can plague investors, but the Alberta Securities Commission has outlined the details in how to spot them. From Group fraud, where scammers prey on the bonds formed through religious and professional relationships, to Investment Clubs where people group their funds together to invest, to Ponzi and pyramid schemes with high promises and no risk, these scams are all very easy to detect with the right tools and knowledge on the investors side.

For detailed information on all of the potential types of scams, please visit the Alberta Securities Commission website and protect yourself against fraud and loss.

The Alberta Securities Commission offers resources on their website for investors to report suspected suspicious activities and investment opportunities. Local Securities Commissions, like Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia have educational sections for new investors and offer courses for those interested.

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