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Quattro Innovations Ships Commercial Product to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Quattro Innovations Ships Commercial Product to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Quattro Innovations Inc. (“Quattro Innovations”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Quattro Exploration and Production Ltd. (TSXV:QXP), is pleased to inform you of our newest commercial product from the acquisition of SRD Innovations Inc.; the patented hyMesh™ Wireless Network.

Acquisition of SRD Innovations Inc. news release:!pr-november-30-2015/cofl

Upon installation, the hyMesh™ Wireless Network, from Quattro Innovations, will provide a robust, high capacity, self-addressing, wireless network throughout an area ranging from hundreds of meters in diameter to a mesh network having aerial coverage of 10 to 20 square kilometers at transmission rates up to 50MB per second.

20 commercial units as pictured above, measuring 5 cm x 25 cm, were shipped to Saskatoon for installation on a local Farm and will be in place within 24 hours. The entire farming operation, including the yard, shop and field, will be fully serviced with a private, high speed, secure, wireless network, with one internet access point and no monthly cost other than an annual maintenance fee of $100.

The benefits of remote equipment and livestock monitoring, as well as operational and inherent safety benefits, support a business case for cost recovery in less than 12 months.

The ecosystem that is being introduced to the rural community by Quattro Innovations is targeted at breaking down the barriers and bringing real-time data, communications, and video to farming, just as the MRI has made real-time imaging a must have standard for health care.

Sisso (Dr. S. El-Hamamsy), Manager of Quattro Innovations, is pleased to be assisting with the installation this week to showcase the product with our Distributor in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Quattro Innovations Inc., is also pleased to announce that these same products and benefits are being scheduled for installation within Quattro Exploration and Production Ltd.’s operations, where over time all well and facility monitoring services will be either replaced or enhanced at a cost that allows even the most marginal producing well, facility or pipeline to be monitored. This says nothing of its most robust application, the backbone for real-time, micro-seismic, reservoir analysis, and 3D/3C seismic data imaging, a key strategy for Quattro in the areas of Exploration and Production for oil and natural gas.

E-mail for more information on how Quattro Innovations can reduce your costs. To learn more about Quattro Exploration and Production join our “Investor Group” on 80-20Connect.

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