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The Energy Drink Industry: The Good, Bad and the New?

The Energy Drink Industry: The Good, Bad and the New?

Raise your jittery hand if you know the third-best performing stock over the last ten years are the folks churning out Monster Energy’s caffeine laden drinks despite many of us having read the data and information documenting the dangers of excessive caffeine and sugar consumption from energy drinks. Monster’s skyscraper cans hover over all other drinks on store shelves with its stock price well north of $100 and earnings from $.021 per share to $3.71 per share since 2004.

The days of making a 1000% gain on a stock like Monster Energy, whose humble beginnings were a measly dollar per share, are likely gone. The energy drink industry has matured, it’s heavily saturated with competitors and the economics of the energy drink industry is well understood by the investment community.

BUT, just how big have energy drinks become? This chart shows just the US and lists only the top few sellers:   



Look at what’s happening in the UK:

Screenshot_022916_094633_PM 500

   The point is, the Energy Drink industry has exploded and many of the investment opportunities have taken off quickly as well. As an investor, what can you do to take advantage of such a booming industry, where do you jump in and where do you find the most opportunity for your investment dollar?

That’s where the Nutraceutical industry can come in and take some market share. Nutraceuticals are a broad term used to describe any product derived from food sources. Nutraceuticals can provide extra health benefits over and above the basic nutritional value found in the foods themselves. It’s also an industry expected to reach $250 Billion by 2018.

Companies such as NeutriSci International sell a nutraceutical energy product that consumers can now find on store shelves. However, this is a new and growing energy industry segment which means valuations for many of these companies may not be as high.

NeutriSci’s blueberry-centric focus energy tab is targeted to those consumers wary of high-sugar and high-caffeine products to something more natural that packs a clinically tested BETTER result.

“We’re pleased our product offers consumers the extended boost that they are looking for with responsible ingredients and responsible levels of caffeine, all backed by science and clinical studies in a unique and effective delivery method," says NeutriSci CEO Glen Rehman of their NeuEnergy product.

Click here to find out more about NeutriSci and ask Glen a question!  

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