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The Environmental Benefits of SynStream’s Synthetic Fuels

The Environmental Benefits of SynStream’s Synthetic Fuels

With the increasing emphasis being placed on the state of the environment, the clean energy industry is anticipated to grow significantly. Paraffinic fuels are in the spotlight because they have shown to have an immediate effect on air quality and exceed emission standards, not only in Canada, but globally. Forward-thinking companies, like SynStream, will offer these alternative options to help sustain our future. Here are the benefits: The process SynStream will use offers an alternative use for natural gas. Their manufactured fuels can be used alone or augmented with traditional petroleum based fuels to produce a substantially cleaner fuel. SynStream’s next generation engineered synthetic fuel is designed to exceed the ASTM-D 975 world-wide requirements for diesel and jet fuel. SynStream’s synthetic diesel is designed to:

  • Have a cetane rating of >70 - ready for next generation of diesel engines
  • Contain zero Sulphur & minimal aromatics
  • Be ultra clean burning, thereby reducing unburned HC by 60-70%
  • Reduce NOx by 13-15% 
  • Reduce particulates emissions by 52-55% 
  • Be biodegradable

  SHM: SynStream Energy Corp. aims to become a key player in reducing Canada’s carbon footprint. They have partnered with Expander Energy to participate in the commissioning of North America’s first commercial, small-scale Gas-To-Liquids plant.

Interested in learning more? Join SynStream’s Investor Group Here.


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