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The Growth of Micro-Generation

The Growth of Micro-Generation

Micro-generation is the production of electricity on a very small scale as an alternative power. In Alberta, this is considered anything less than 1 Megawatt. Since 2010, the number of Micro-generation sites has grown from 122 to over 1100. This allows consumers to have more options when choosing their source of electricity. With the Alberta Coal Phase-Out nearing, natural gas to power generation is becoming a hot topic.  

“The rising star of natural gas is partly explained by the fading attraction of rival fuel types. Coal, which currently makes up 14 per cent of generating capacity in Canada and almost 40 per cent in the United States, is in decline as controls on greenhouse gas emissions tighten. Natural gas produces only half as much carbon dioxide when it is burned compared with an equivalent amount of coal.


 ‘Natural gas is such a popular fuel because every region and every zone has what makes sense for them from a power generation standpoint – coal, nuclear or hydro. You almost always need something like natural gas to complement that. It’s extremely flexible, it’s relatively clean, it just works extremely well with other fuel types.’” – Brian Vaasjo, CEO Capital Power, The Globe and Mail

  Emerald Bay Energy has a pilot project in Nevis, Alberta, that was completed in Fall 2014. With the possibility of ample room for future growth, the facilities have four generators that are rated at a combined 980 kW. To stay informed about Emerald Bay, join their investor group on 8020 Connect today!

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