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Trash to Enviro Green Cash

Trash to Enviro Green Cash

In 2016 Canada announced the development of a Clean Fuel Standard to reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) through the increased use of lower-carbon fuels, energy sources, and technologies. The government of Canada (GOC) wanted to remove 30 million tons of greenhouse gases annually by 2030. This mandate means that refiners, marketers of fuel, natural gas distributors, transportation and large industrial users will be required to significantly reduce their emissions.

The GOC has since announced plans to delay implementation of its Clean Fuel Standard. The Environment and Climate Change Canada recognize the need for additional time to work with interested parties to conduct a robust technical and economic analysis to ensure that the Clean Fuel Standard achieves its goal while maintaining Canadian competitiveness. (

For once I must agree with the GOC, that we have a lot of great Canadian companies looking for new ways to produce cleaner fuel or to produce fuel from waste streams that are contributing to our environmental challenges. The GOC needs to work with these technology companies to finally crack the code and create new and cleaner energy streams.

For the purpose of this article, we are more focused on key areas; Transportation and garbage.

Transportation, by land, sea or air, is one of the world largest producers of greenhouse gases, approximately 29%. Tackling greenhouse gas emissions is about finding better fuels to transport all our godly possessions.



“Methane releases from decomposing garbage is 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Humanity's global trash released nearly 800 million metric tons (882 million tons) of CO2 equivalent in 2010.

We always tend to think linear about these things, but what if we could kill two birds with one stone? 

A simple concept, yet very complicated solution.

How about turning garbage to usable fuel? This is not a crazy concept. We can put a robot on Mars, but we can't solve our garbage and greenhouse gas crisis. Yes we can!!! But it requires time, investors and smart people. 

Converting garbage to a clean-burning fuel is not a simple process. However, our environment requires us to make changes to how we live and recycle what we use. This is not about can we do it? Should we do it? … We have to do it!

We need to drive more innovation and capital into this sector. Investors need to be patient and governments need to make investments in innovation with companies which can’t afford to fund it privately. Not spend money with large and very profitable conglomerates to change their fridges.

Calgary Herald, "In what is being described as “game-changing technology that will save the world and its climate,” Cielo Waste Solutions Corp., an Alberta company located just 25 kilometres south of Calgary in Aldersyde, has developed a revolutionary technology to convert all sorts of garbage into gold — or at least transportation-grade diesel, jet fuel and naphtha fuel."

 Join the Cielo Group:



A simple concept, yet very complicated solution.   Darren Stewart



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