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What is Investing?

What is Investing?

So, you want to start investing, but you have no idea where to start, or who to speak to?

Welcome to the 8020 Bootcamp!

Allow us to guide you through this process, making it as easy as possible to feel comfortable about asking experts about certain aspects of investing!

Some people decide not to invest because they feel it’s too risky, or they don’t know enough about it to feel comfortable putting their hard earned dollars into someone else’s hands, or they’re scared. The 8020 Bootcamp aims to educate and inform, and give confidence to the viewer to feel comfortable enough to ask an investment expert questions that are articulate and relevant.  We aim to develop enough informative substance so that  everyone can feel knowledgeable enough to look at being an investor, seeking the professional advice from an expert without sounding naive or with unreasonable expectations!

What is investing exactly?

In simplest terms, it’s giving something to get a benefit in return:

it’s putting your money to work for you.

It’s not gambling, or specifically just for the rich, which are common myths surrounding the term “Investing”.

Follow the 8020 Bootcamp to learn more, and become an informed and inquisitive investor!

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