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What is Sector Investing?

What is Sector Investing?


Sector investing is an investment into a specific sector of the economy, such as materials or energy. Sector funds are generally long-term mutual funds that vary depending on your desired outcome, market capitalization and class of securities.

 “You should pay way more attention to sector allocation than the actual stocks you pick: Most investors fret over what stock they should actually buy... Academic studies have shown that up to 90% of investment returns are dictated by sector, not by stock.”

  The Sectors Explained:

Financial – Banks & Financial Institutions

Energy – Oil & Gas Companies

Materials – Precious Metals

Industrials – Railways & Mining Companies

Consumer Discretionary – Restaurants & Retail Stores

Telecommunications – Cable & Internet Providers

Healthcare – Long Term Health Care Companies

Consumer Staples – Food Production

Utilities – Electrical Companies

Information Technology - Technology Producers & Software Producers

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