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What is the Size of the Diesel & Jet Fuel Market in North America?

What is the Size of the Diesel & Jet Fuel Market in North America?

With the importance of cleaner, environmentally conscious fuels growing, it’s imperative to pay attention to companies like SynStream Energy Corp. The market for synthetic diesel - the product SynStream is looking to produce - is growing and it’s anticipated to continue that growth. “As the world requirements for fuels grow and the sustainability of our current fossil fuel reserves diminish, the need for synthetic fuel is imminent. It is estimated by 2030 the diesel fuel market in USA will be 1.4 B.bls/year and in Canada will be 0.47 B.bls/year; the jet fuel market in USA will be 540 M.bls/year and in Canada will be 35 M.bls/year. SynDiesel® and SynJet™ are complementary to existing petroleum products and are considered a drop-in fuel that can be railed, trucked or pipelined to any traditional blender or refinery location. They can be used as straight run fuels or blendstock, therefore, no changes are required to existing 



“As we, as a society, move towards a lower-carbon fuel ideal, we must find ways to improve the environmental impact that fuel plays in our life – through the promotion of cleaner fuels and minimizing the cost of its implementation until … new modes of transportation energy are found.” SHM: SynStream Energy Corp. aims to become a key player in reducing Canada’s carbon footprint. They have partnered with Expander Energy to participate in the commissioning of North America’s first commercial, small-scale Gas-To-Liquids plant.   Source:

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