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Why Contests Work

Why Contests Work

Contests can be a fun and interactive way to gain followers and engage people in your brand, while giving away cool prizes that people want to win. Whether it’s Voting contests where a series of questions are asked to gain insight into your opinions and views, photo and video contests or simply ‘Enter to Win’ Contests, it’s a powerful tool to grow your business’ following and increase brand exposure.

“In addition to increasing the sheer number of people who interact with your brand, a contest provides a means to deepen the connection as well. A user-generated content (UGC) promotion such as a photo or video contest is a great way to do just that. UGC contests tap in to the human drive to compete, and they provide an opportunity for everyone to experience their 15 minutes of fame. Most importantly, when participants upload their personal content (e.g., a photo or story) to your promotion, they are naturally invested in your brand.”  


$SPZ: Spriza Media Inc. (“Spriza”) is the leading subscriber network for prizes and incentives. Everyone wants to win unbelievable prizes and everyone wants to win with friends. Spriza gives you just that. Now, you can enter to win amazing contests with your friends from the brands we all know and love, all from one platform!  

Spriza offers its clients the opportunity to generate leads and distribute messaging through peer-to-peer incentivized sharing, while increasing a brand’s conversion rates. The magic is in the formula of exciting prizes that entice users to share, with software automation that tracks and collects data, providing clients with a consumer database for remarketing initiatives.  


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