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Why Greenbriar Capital CEO, Jeff Ciachurski, Likes The 8020 Connect Platform

Why Greenbriar Capital CEO, Jeff Ciachurski, Likes The 8020 Connect Platform

Greenbriar Capital Corp is 8020 Connect’s newest client, and CEO, Jeff Ciachurski is already a huge fan of what we do. The 8020 platform is an environment of transparency between management and their shareholders, and rebuilding the trust of the investor from many years of a broken system. His many years of experience in this industry, and as an investor himself, is exactly what makes Mr. Ciachurski such an important advocate for 8020 Connect. “My thoughts towards 8020 was based on (aside from being a participant as an investor since 1978 and as an officer/director since 1985) watching online forums since their earnest inception in the late 90’s having been a hideous and uninformative place of nonsensical chatter; in essence the most modern technology of the century has been hijacked into a back alley of retribution, revolt and rejection. The train completely missed the station. The mission is to explain this simple awakening and get the industry to understand that online connections as they relate to investing should be of the same texture as an online ‘quarterly conference call’ where management is put on the open stage and the public can question and contribute to recorded and meaningful discussions with accountability,” Ciachurski says.
If you say it you own it, which is why 8020 does not allow for anonymous individuals to pose questions behind alias’. “Management can also learn from the public if the public cannot hide from their comments installing trust that the comments from shareholders and investors is said in earnest…. It takes courage to make the changes we all need, and dedication to stay the path.” “I hereby challenge all public company officers/directors and investor/shareholders to move away from hiding online through the use of an alias and have an open, transparent, honest and educated discussion on the industries and companies we all participate. It's time to move away from online posting of 1998 and move 20 years into the future in this most dynamic age of information. We all succeed better if everyone's contribution is honest, open and most importantly, accountable.”
8020 Connect’s President, D’Arcy Funfer, responded to Mr. Ciachurski’s glowing review right on the Greenbriar forum in their private group, for all shareholders and potential investors to see. “This is wonderful in that it states exactly the essence of what we have been working towards since our inception. An open honest and transparent dialogue between shareholders, investors industry representatives and corporate management. We have even tried to encourage provincial regulators to participate in open discussion along with our issuers,” Funfer says. If you’re interested in connecting with Jeff, please join the Greenbriar Capital Corp. private investor group on 8020 connect.


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Laura is 8020 Connect’s Client Communications & Social Media Specialist. In 2014, She received her Bachelor of Communications in Information Design from Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. After a couple brief positions in other marketing roles, Laura has found her home with 8020.

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