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Young Investor Series – Brandon Fleisher: The Canadian Teen Who Tripled His Money

Young Investor Series – Brandon Fleisher: The Canadian Teen Who Tripled His Money

A main goal of the 8020 Connect Shareholder Engagement Platform is to spark an interest in millennials to further educate themselves on the investing process. Bringing social media into the investment world allows for a new level of transparency and interaction between public corporations and investors, and creates a new environment for making better-informed investment decisions. As a millennial, investing may not even be on your radar, but it should be.This series will showcase four young adults who have had some great success and what they’ve done to generate wealth from the investing process, Let me introduce to you: Brandon Fleisher. The Toronto teen has successfully tripled the money his parents cosigned to an eTrade account for him to invest in the stock market, but not without working for it first! Brandon was initially introduced to investing in eighth grade, during a mock stock market assignment. “The goal was to pick a company that over the course of several weeks would see the highest rate of return. While most of his other classmates chose well-known companies, he realized that a smaller company would have much more growth potential. He actually doesn’t remember if he ended up winning, but he beat almost everyone else, and was hooked.” Investing became something Brandon loves to do.
It would be a few more years before Brandon could convince his father to let him invest, as he felt he Brandon was a little young, and he wanted Brandon to prove himself. “Instead, he told Brandon to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the market. And Brandon did, apparently calling Tesla and Netflix as companies poised to exploit ongoing structural changes in consumption habits." Brandon quickly learned, “We’re [millennials] not going to the theatre anymore, they’re going to take over, they’re producing TV shows, they’re way into content’—not just... ‘Wow, Netflix is cool”. [His Father] said. “He brought it to another level and could see how they were going to grow their business model, how they would generate profitability.” At that point, Brandon was given $48,000 to invest, which he has since tripled. (that’s a fair amount of money, but don’t be stressed, you don’t need this much to get started!) Brandon spent his time researching industries, smaller-scale companies and even CEO’s to inform himself before investing. “As Brandon found with Inuvo, small companies sometimes make their leadership accessible to investors, providing a spotlight into the company's brains.
‘It's almost like you can give them a job interview to see if you would want that person to be the CEO,’ Brandon says. Brandon currently runs a website called The Financial Bulls, which offers educational content targeted at younger individuals interested in investing for free, encouraging young people to learn about investing without having to spend money on a course in an online environment in which they thrive. “Welcome to the fundamental idea of 8020 Connect and I would like to thank Brandon for describing this so directly and simply”, Darren Stewart founder of 8020 Connect. Be sure to check out Brandon’s site, we at 8020 love what he is doing. Sources:


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