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8020 Connect (8020) is a social and interactive investment community which expands the way shareholders and interested investors access and gather information from public corporations.Built as a hybrid social media and corporate shareholder management platform, corporations can direct the flow of information to prospective and existing investors.
We believe a healthy stock market is not about finding new investors, but treating your current shareholders like owners and assets to the organization. 



  1. We build audiences: 8020 is better able to leverage the larger social channels due to the type, style and variety of investment focused content we create. This has made 8020 a social influencer which people will follow and interact with daily.
  2. Our call to action: The 8020 client investor groups are a low commitment “opt-in only” opportunity for interested investors to take the next step. The process differentiates user behaviors from the lower level of interested follower in our social channels, to a higher level of interested investors in the 8020 Community.
  3.  We create social value:The community can decide which companies are valuable based on group interaction and activity, number of investment group members and the corporation’s ability to address the social needs of the investor.
  4. Trust in the information: All information posted in a corporate investor group is either direct from the corporation, or a response to a question or comment made in the investor group. 8020 is giving the corporation the ability to manage and control the narrative.



The recent consolidation of independent investment dealers, increased regulations regarding investor suitability and the continued dominance of online brokerage business, has left Canada’s micro and small cap markets virtually abandoned. This once vibrant sector is no longer able to effectively reach a broader retail investment audience that now lives online and around the world.
8020’s design and methodologies are developed to support a corporation’s needs to utilize social media to access a new generation of investors and provide the tools to manage the online and social investor engagement.


Director, CEO: Darren Stewart has been a driven entrepreneur and strategic market-entry consultant since 2004. His success in business has come from his relentless work ethic, forthright communications and ability to think strategically through business obstacles. 

President: D’Arcy Funfer brings a wealth of experience and relationships from his 35 years in the investment industry. D’Arcy has participated in almost all areas of the industry with his latest role and ownership in a national investor relations firm. 

Director: Jim Ross brings over 30 years investment industry experience and regulatory oversight as he has occupied several senior level management positions at full-service investment dealers in Canada, he sits on several public company boards and is active in the investment industry regulatory community. 
Director: Blair Layton is a seasoned entrepreneur and chartered accountant by trade. Blair brings a level of financial oversight and accounting structure to 8020 Connect.


8020TV: Corporate Video Productions
8020Creative: Social Media Marketing, Advertorials, Websites, Media and Communications
8020News: News Wire Distribution, Powered by FSCWire
8020Finance: Financing  opportunities through a our Financial Partners:
 Robson Capital Partners Corp., TGC Capital, Longhorn Capital Partners

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