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8020 USA Corp (8020Stocks.com) is a social and interactive investment community which expands the way shareholders and interested investors access and gather information from public corporations.




150 East 58th Street, 20th Floor       New York, New York, USA, 10022

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location_on150 East 58th Street, 20th Floor       New York, New York, USA, 10022
 3 Reasons to invest
  1. The 8020 platform was built to be the most regulatory-compliant social platform in the market, allowing public companies to interact with shareholders and investors. This is dynamically changing the relationship between investors and investments.

  2. 8020 has developed a proprietary algorithm called the Shareholder Value Index (SVI). This index provides invaluable insights into how the market is perceiving and/or the awareness of the public issuer. Utilizing this number, issuers can adjust their communications programs to maximize the ROI on their PR and IR programs.
  3. We have expanded our regulatory-compliant social platform into the U.S. specifically for the regulated Initial Coin Offering (ICO) market and this represents our first step into the international market with our sister-platform called www.8020connect.com

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Monthly Memberships

Both public and private companies can establish their own private Investor Group on the 8020 Connect platform. 8020 Investor Groups allow corporations to engage with current shareholders, capture and attract interested investors and control their investment brand.
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Social Media Broadcasting

Clients looking to get more views and increase their investment brand awareness can utilize 8020 expertise and social community to increase their exposure to a social community of interested investors. 
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Site Advertising

Currently, 8020 offers some basic advertising for corporations and our preferred partners. As we grow 8020's advertising model, we will offer more sophisticated tools to help our clients find and attract interested investors.
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Preferred Partners

8020 is building a complete ecosystem to help our corporate clients achieve their operational goals. 8020 does not take commission or finders fees from our partners but instead negotiates preferred pricing for our clients. 
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