Our proprietary extraction process for pigment grade TiO2 production allows us to capture the entire supply chain in one process. We uniquely convert low cost ilmenite into high purity TiO2 that meets the exacting requirements of the paint and coatings industry. Our low cost/high purity process provides a new and cost competitive source of high quality TiO2 for our customers.
We are using a highly competitive, environment-friendly, low-energy consumption process to transform TiO2 into added-value white pigment for industrial use.


Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a substance as old as the earth itself.  It is a white, opaque, naturally- occurring mineral found in two main forms: rutile and anatase. When TiO2 is chemically processed and all impurities are removed, what remains is a pure white pigment, or fine powder. This pure white TiO2 pigment is then used in a variety of consumer and industrial products ranging from paint and sunscreen to toothpaste. The level of processing is what determines the final use of the white pigment powder.

The production of TiO2 pigment has been around for many years. Many of today’s white pigment production processes use older technologies that require a substantial amount of energy and/or produce a waste material requiring disposal. 

Production of TiO2 pigment is a USD $16 billion per year industry. Annual consumption represents more than 6 million tonnes of TiO2 pigment, with the largest consumer segment being the paint and coating industry. 

According to the Global and China Titanium Dioxide Industry Report 2016-2020, the global market for TiO2 pigment is expected to grow by 4.5% annually for the next five years, outpacing global GDP. 


New Management

 Argex’s new management team has extensive experience developing and building industrial plants, and has made a substantial investment in Argex. 

Our Technology

 Argex’s proprietary extraction process uses less energy/heat and, in addition to TiO2 pigment, produces a readily useable, sellable by-product and inert waste that can be used as landfill. Consequently, Argex will be a low-cost producer with one of the more environmentally sustainable processes in the industry. 

 Technology Centre/Small Scale Production Facility

 Our Technology Center to be commissioned in 2018, will be able to produce up to 12 tonnes of white pigment per year. The small-scale production facility will provide additional value through products that meet specific client requirements, operator training, and quality assurance testing of different ores or TiO2 inputs.

Large Scale Production Facility

 Argex management is in advanced planning for the construction of the first large scale production plant in Canada.

The planned 90,000 tonne-per-year facility will be commissioned in three 30,000-tonne stages, with the first facility expected to be online by the end of 2019.


Argex’s refining process will produce a high-quality, higher-value TiO2 pigment required in the paint and coating industry.  


Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board 
Mr. Alnaimi has vast experience spanning almost 30 years in the commercialization of greenfield oil and gas, petrochemicals and steelmaking projects. He earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Nebraska (1977) and an M.B.A. from the University of Houston (1981). In 1989, Mr. Alnaimi started the first private-sector petrochemical facility in the Arabian Gulf, Chemanol, which he took public in 2008. In 2000, Mr. Alnaimi started the first medium-section structural steel company in the Gulf region, United Gulf Steel.

Chief Operations Officer 

Mr. Moore obtained a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and did graduate work in industrial engineering in addition to earning an MBA through the University of Chicago’s Executive Program. Mr. Moore has four decades of experience in petroleum, chemical and business development activities namely with ABB and UOP Inc. His expertise covers technology, construction, marketing, operations, and financing of large projects globally.

Interim Chief Financial Officer 

Rudy Laurent has 10 years of experience as Director of Finance and Controller of two public companies with mining production, handling multi-site, multi-currency operations. Previously, he was the director of accounting services for a family business with 25 private companies led by a successful, well-known Quebec businessman. Mr. Laurent has been a member of the Québec Order of Chartered Professional Accountants since 1996 and has extensive experience in financial reporting under International Financial Reporting Standards.


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