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The industry currently relies on pressure and pressure fluctuations to identify downhole events. This is outdated, unreliable, and provides an inaccurate depiction of operations. With Cold Bore’s SCA system we provide the ability to hear what is happening in real time. Operators can hear the ball leave the launcher, hear the ball travel through the frac tree, and enter the drill string. The SCA system profiles the ball passing through each mechanical sleeve as it makes its way to the appropriate sleeve. Cold Bore identifies numerous secondary events also occurring in both the active operation and in the adjacent surrounding wells.



Cold Bore Technology has developed the SmartPAD™ system to revolutionize the way your frac works for you. With the ability to monitor and record the status of every valve and the pressure in every pipe section, operational efficiencies are streamlined like never before. Cold Bore produces real time NPT reporting, allowing minute-by-minute analysis of operations to calculate lost time and where to recover it.

Understanding Non-Productive Time
What is the cause or what are the multiple causes of your downtime? Using the data generated by the Cold Bore SmartPAD™ system, uncover cause and effect relationships that were previously unknown, empowering you and your team to make more informed decisions. Save time and money at an unprecedented level and instantly calculate NPT across one well, one pad, or an entire project.

Real Time Confirmation
Using the SmartPAD™ system, Cold Bore creates a digital twin of your surface frac equipment, accessible on portable tablets on location or remotely for team members off-site. Real-time information allows your entire team to collaborate and make better, faster and more streamlined decisions.

Predictive Data and Analytics
Collect invaluable operational data and unlock unprecedented insights. Minute-by-minute analysis of operations exposes unnecessary, wasted time across all services on location. Consolidating tracked data from services allows operators to expose lost time causes and inefficient operations. Equipped with advanced analytics data, optimize and customize your fracking operations while reducing material waste, non-productive time, and improving your bottom line.

Frac Optimization
The SmartPAD™ system, coupled with our cutting-edge data analytics, allows you to understand exactly what is happening on the surface of your frac. Uncovering this information creates the opportunity to continually learn and adapt, making each successive completion more effective and efficient. This is the technology revolution completions has been waiting for. Turn your analog completions activity into a digitally-tracked process that is optimized the same way drilling has optimized the process of drilling a well.

Types of Identifiable Events
Monitor Valve Position
Monitor Pressure on Both Sides of All Valves on Surface
Monitor Flow Path
Set Pre-set Alerts and Alarms


By harnessing the power of proprietary sonic receivers and software, when an event emits a sound in your wellbore, we hear it, measure it, and communicate this invaluable data in realtime. Comprehensive, high-resolution insights into downhole operations help you gain a clearer picture of the present, allowing for better decision-making in the future.


Unlike traditional pressure monitoring, offset well monitoring is more than just an indicator of cross-communication between primary and adjacent wells. Acoustics may provide the ability to hear a frac approaching so proactive steps can be taken to avoid unwanted communication. Cold Bore’s standard offset well monitoring service is currently being developed with clients on location to create and commercialize preventative acoustic procedures for the future.

Automatic Identification of Primary Events
Cold Bore Technology’s proprietary software and sonic receivers detect even the slightest sign of a downhole event. A sound-cancelling algorithm removes all background noise to focus solely on the event, which is then characterized, classified, recorded and relayed to you in real-time. All primary events heard, for example, balls landing, valves opening and fracs starting are accompanied with troubleshooting services like finding casing breaches and even determining depth of various well bore problems in some cases.

Real Time Confirmation
Events are then distributed both on-site and through the cloud, allowing for remote, real-time viewing from anywhere in the world. Recordings in MP4 format ensure that all team members, from engineers to senior management, can access the data, enabling well-informed, collaborative decision-making.

Enhanced Decision-Making
Compare prior sound signals from previous events, or event data from other locations to gain a more thorough, complete understanding of the event and streamline communication between team members.

Frac Optimization
Gathering, storing, comparing and correlating all event information provides a clearly defined picture of what’s happening throughout the operation. Equipped with a record of the past and insight into the future, mitigate risk and solve problems before they arise.

Types of Identifiable Events
Confirmation of Ball Travelling Down Casing
Correlation with Time and Pressure
Successful Frac Port Operation
Confirmation of Successful Toe Port Operations
Confirmation of Plug and Perf Operations
Confirmation of Indexing Frac Sleeve Operation



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Blair Layton is a serial entrepreneur based out of Calgary, Alberta. Blair has built a strong reputation by creating businesses and relationships founded on the basis of intergrity, honesty and trust. Blair started in the oil field services business with Whipstock Systems Inc. in the early 90s. He worked with a team of talented individuals, including Gerry Edwards, Whipstock’s president. Many of the relationships Blair has in the oil patch were made during his 7 years at Whipstock Systems. The company was well built and managed, then sold to Ryan Technologies in 1999. Blair and another outstanding group of oilmen founded Radius Directional Drilling Services in 2001. As an Owner and Co-founder, the relationships and knowledge Blair acquired were invaluable. Radius became a strong competitor in the directional drilling industry and sold to Phoenix Technologies in early 2004. Not satisfied to sit on the sidelines, Blair joined another PHENOMINAL group of dynamic business men when they started Focus Directional Services. They grew this company together for nearly 6 years before its eventual sale. Focus Directional Services developed many amazing relationships with its clients, vendors, employees and field staff throughout its years of operations. Focus Directional Services developed a reputation of quality, integrity and reliability within the industry and within the community. Focus Directional Services was sold to Enseco Energy Services Corp, and Blair become the CFO of that publicly listed company. During Blair’s tenure at Enseco, debt was reduced by 70%, sales were doubled, reporting was simplified and streamlined and KPIs were implemented. Blair worked with an incredibly talented team at Enseco and they accomplished many goals. Blair never lost his start up spirit and has joined a new oil field start up, Cold Bore Technology, with a technology that will change the landscape of an industry. Encouraging change is what it’s all about.
Brett brings 15 years of experience in the oil and gas industry to the Cold Bore team. Having worked internationally within the drilling industry Chell built, commissioned and operated both conventional and coil tubing configurations. With more than $50 Million raised for internal projects in the last 5 years Brett spearheaded the creation of an oil and gas technology focused partner company, Axial Energy Technologies. He is the president and co-founder of Cold Bore Technology and is also a co-founder and director of AET and Raptor Rig.
Nicolai Pacurari grew up in Romania where he attended the University of Bucharest, graduating with an MSc in Petroleum Geology. He immigrated to Canada in 1994 to pursue a career in the oil and gas industry. Nicolai started his career with Datalog Technology not long after arriving in Calgary, Alberta. After a year at Datalog he took a new position as MWD/LWD Product Line Manager with Weatherford Drilling Services. Mr. Pacurari expanded his skill set and knowledge base with Weatherford for 15 years before joining the Enseco team as the North American MWD Manager in Leduc. Nicolai brings his years of experience and wealth of knowledge to the Cold Bore team today as the company’s Operations Manager. Nicolai’s passion in life besides his children are his many years’ service to the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society where he has been helping new immigrants with their transition to Canada and assisting many of them with obtaining work in the Oil Patch. ”

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