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Crypto Culture Magazine is based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We are extremely proud of the group of people and companies that we are working with, growing the cryptocurrency community. We feel that Calgary is an epicentre of activity within this exciting industry and we are thrilled that you can be a part of this community!


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 3 Reasons to invest
  1. Instability is good for Bitcoin. In general, political unrest is not good for the stock market -- whose value is tied to established companies that depend on government services, stable financial institutions, a dependable workforce and so on. However, unrest is good for Bitcoin, which is resilient to political unrest because it is not a government-backed currency. There's evidence that recent unrest in Asia contributed to the Bitcoin price surge. If you think the future holds more instability for governments and traditional banks, you might find Bitcoin to  be a compelling investment.
  2. It's easy. Investing in Bitcoin in the hope of taking advantage of future price increases is as simple as buying Bitcoin on an online exchange. Bitcoin transactions are subject to few regulatory oversights, which makes transactions fast and headache-free.
  3. It's low-cost. Bitcoin exchange fees are minimal -- usually on the order of 0.2% of the value of a transaction. By comparison, U.S. banks usually charge about 3% in fees when you use a credit card to buy something in foreign currency. If you want to speculate on currency, Bitcoin offers a cost-efficient way to do it.

If you are interested in investing in us, please join management, shareholders and other interested investors in our Investor Group. We want to ensure all investors are well informed and have access to important investor information.

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