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Emerald Bay Energy Inc. (TSXV: EBY) is an emerging oil and gas producer headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with production properties in South Texas, USA. To remain agile and adjust to market conditions, Emerald Bay has transitioned from a research and development entity to exploration and production of electrical power through natural gas dvelopment in Central Alberta and production of light oil in South Texas.


Emerald Bay Energy Inc. (TSXV: EBY) is an emerging oil and gas producer headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with production properties in South Texas, USA. It was founded in 1998 as a research and development entity to develop the patented Lateral Drainhole Drilling Technology. In 2005, the Company ended its R&D efforts and transitioned to exploration and production of natural gas in Central Alberta. When natural gas prices collapsed in 2009, the Company had established a significant land position in Alberta with over 50 drilling locations and had grown production to over 200 boe/day. However, due to instability in natural gas prices, Emerald Bay began to divest its Canadian gas assets and pursue South Texas oil opportunities in 2010

Emerald Bay’s strategy to expand its energy portfolio to include natural gas, oil and electrical power generation will enable the Company to keep up with expanding energy demand and support its future.

  1. The newly constructed natural gas-fired electrical power generation plant enables Emerald Bay to create revenue streams from the original coal bed methane natural gas wells which are currently uneconomical to produce. The power plant is fully operational and has begun selling electricity into the Alberta power pool.
  2. Expanding oil drilling operations in South Texas and aggressively assembling a solid land position across multiple prospects.




 Central Alberta
Emerald Bay’s energy portfolio in Central Alberta includes natural gas, oil and electrical power generation.

South Texas
Medina Bexar & Atacosa

Gudalupe County


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Mr. Shelby D. Beattie has over 35 years industry experience specializing in exploration, production, and project management. He has been involved in the oil and gas business as a director or member of executive management since 1980. Working as a landman from 1980 to 1982, he was Vice President of mineral leasing for Newport Oil & Gas, Inc., a private oil and gas company. From 1982 to 1992, he was Director and Vice President of Phoenix Oil and Gas, and project-managed the development of over 200 oil and gas wells and associated mineral leases. He has served as a Director of the Corporation since 1997, as Chief Financial Officer of the Corporation from 1997 to 2005, as President since September 2001 and CEO since February 2005.
Mr. Michael L. Rice has over 16 years of industry experience specializing in energy financing and production operations. Mr. Rice started working for the Corporation at the Company’s inception and has held a variety of positions such as Secretary and Treasurer during this time. Mr. Rice has specialized in compliance and operations management for over 13 years. Mr. Rice graduated from the University of Utah with a B.Sc. in Economics and Consumer Studies, and has managed the Company’s day-to-day operations for more than 13 years.
Mr. Gibson C. Scott has over 37 years of global industry experience. He is Director since April 2003 and Chief Operating Officer of the Corporation since February 2005. Mr. Scott has a 29-year history as a senior management professional with Sperry-Sun Drilling Services. He was Country Manager (Canada) with Sperry from 2000 to 2003. He is currently the President of TrueBore Consulting Inc. Mr. Scott is experienced in foreign business relations and negotiations, strategic business planning, and mergers and acquisitions.
Andrew Alff has been a geologist working in Texas since he graduated cum laude from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire with a bachelor’s degree in May of 1979. Out of college he provided geology for a number of small oil companies in the Luling-Branyon field area of Caldwell County, Texas. His consulting work resulted in the discovery of several new oil fields and wells under 2500’ that began production in excess of 100 barrels per day. He went from working the shallow fields in Caldwell County to working in Houston, Texas for a geophysical and geological consulting company mapping offshore Louisiana for major oil companies such as Exxon and British Petroleum. When oil prices plummeted in the late 1980’s he went back to being a consulting geologist. Most recently, his work in the Salt Flat Edwards field in Caldwell County, Texas has resulted in over 4 million barrels of oil being produced since 2007.
Hugh Scott has over 30 years industry experience specializing in mineral rights acquisition and management.
Kendall Dilling has 20 years of progressive technical and management experience in the oil and gas industry and has BSc, BA and MBA degrees from the University of Calgary. He began his career at TransCanada Pipelines where he oversaw the regulatory approval process for numerous pipeline projects in Canada and the United States. Mr. Dilling then moved into the upstream oil and gas industry where he has worked for several energy companies including both large multi-nationals and Canadian juniors in regulatory and business development roles. Mr. Dilling has been responsible for regulatory approvals, HSE and stakeholder relations for several major oil sands developments. Mr. Dilling is currently Vice President of Regulatory and Community Relations with Cenovus Energy.
Conrad K. Wagenaar is currently Vice President of Acquisitions and Investments for The Hillcrest Group of Companies. Mr. Wagenaar has received a Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Computer Science with honors. Additionally, Mr. Wagenaar has received an MBA from Queen’s University.

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