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Expander Energy is a technology company providing innovative solutions for the environmental and economic production of Synthetic Fuels. We foster a culture of innovation through which we create and develop new methods of carbon management, providing sustainability, environmental accountability, and the most advantageous path forward. Our mission is to revolutionize the fuels of today providing a bridge to the fuels of the future.

Expander reduces the environmental impact from the production and consumption of fossil fuels by advancing new or re-engineering existing technology processes to ultimately create cleaner burning fuels


In 1995, the Canadian government passed regulations to eliminate the burning of waste material. During this transition period, the founders of Expander Energy identified an opportunity to engineer a unique process utilizing the Fischer-Tropsch technology to convert the wood waste, or biomass material, into synthetic diesel.  Unfortunately,  the regulatory change created a frenzy of technologies and by-products for the wood waste material. The demand for wood waste became very competitive as other alternatives for the wood waste material quickly developed. Given this changing in environment, Expander needed to pivot the technology into an alternative industry sector. Expander's technology and engineered processes allowed for multiple carbon inputs to be used in the creation of synthetic diesel.  The challenge or opportunity was to identify an industry where the technology made economic sense. 
It quickly became evident that western Canada’s energy sector was a prime target for the Expander technology. Expander was able to provide efficiencies and reduce the environmental impact on the transportation (midstream) and consumption ends of the industry. Specifically, Expander can convert Canadian natural gas into a greener burning synthetic diesel fuel. Expander continues to research new technologies and engineering processes to address other industries which impact the environment through their consumption, transportation or disposing of biomass resources.


Our revolutionary plant design combines a synthetic gas (syngas) generator (gasifier) with our Enhanced Fischer-Tropsch®(EFT®) process to produce SYNDIESEL® and SYNJET™ fuels. Expander has developed a proprietary process that enhances the existing technology used in the Fischer-Tropsch (F-T) process. Expander’s carbon utilization of feedstock significantly increases product output and eliminates low-value by-products. Our fuels can be economically delivered through existing fuel infrastructure. 

Expander’s competitive advantage over standard F-T plants is our Enhanced Fischer-Tropsch® process which maximizes the production of high value diesel fuels and eliminates lower value by-products. These plants can provide superior profits at economic production rates of 300 - 20,000 bbls/day.


Fischer-Tropsch (F-T)

Enhanced Fischer-Tropsch® (EFT®) process

Expander’s innovative energy technology is based on the proven Fischer-Tropsch (F-T) process, in conjunction with its Enhanced Fischer-Tropsch® (EFT®) process to manufacture next generation synthetic fuels; SynDiesel® and SynJet™ . The EFT® process converts high carbon sources of feedstock, such as natural gas, bitumen residue, municipal solid waste (MSW) or biomass into liquid fuels. Expander’s patented (#CA 2731376 & CA#2751615) process creates an ultra-clean burning, high performance, zero sulfur, near zero aromatics diesel and jet fuel.


  1. FTCrude® Partial Upgrader process is used to convert bitumen to unique bottomless 20° to 24° API gravity Partially Upgraded Bitumen (PUB) with significant reduction in sulfur, heavy metals, naphthenic acid (TAN) and Conradson Carbon (CCR).  PUB has preferred chemical and physical properties exceeding requirements for pipelining without diluent and is also preferential for refining. These properties exceed current WCS quality specifications.
  2. FTCrude® Full Upgrader process is used to convert bitumen to Sweet Synthetic Crude Oil (SCO) with 35° to 40° API gravity and 70+ cetane diesel fraction, exceeding current Alberta SCO specifications.
  3. FTCrude® Full Refinery process is used to convert bitumen  to full specification refined products such as gasoline (ULSG), high cetane diesel (ULSD) and jet fuel (ULSJ) without the production of low value asphalt or petcoke.



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