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Fanlogic generates unforgettable moments that connect consumers to the brands they love. We create focused and quantifiable sales for our clients through utilizing our patent pending technology. Our strategy is to combine incentive-based marketing with targeted interest promotions within our amazing tiered reward structure. This allows us to turn any marketing effort into a successful, widespread marketing campaign with measurable impact.

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  • Fanlogic, formerly Spriza, is the leading social network for prizes and incentives. Enter to WIN UNBELIEVABLE PRIZES from the brands you love!

  • We believe that it’s the experiences in life that moulds our memories for a lifetime. It’s those experiences that we want to create for you on a whole new level!

  • Everyone wants to win unbelievable prizes and everyone wants to win with friends. Fanlogic gives you just that. Now, you can enter to win amazing contests with your friends from the brands we all know and love, all from one platform


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        Rob Danard is an entrepreneur and business development specialist that brings over ten years of diverse experience in both the private and public sectors. He started his career in the world of online technology founding one of the first social networking sites, a wireless encryption company and a media and entertainment marketing company. Mr. Danard had been working as a strategic consultant to various media firms assisting in valuations, assessment, development and deal flow.
        ay Cowles brings a wealth of experience managing corporate growth. In his ten years at Globex Foreign Exchange (now Firma FX), he was instrumental in planning and implementing strategies to scale up operations from the startup level to its present 250 employees. Globex’s annual trading volume now approaches $6 billion, and in 2007 the firm was Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year. Mr. Cowles advises on early stage technology companies both in the private and public sectors most recently with Vogogo.
        Wojtek has been involved in start-ups in the roles of product design and development over the last 8 years. He was a lead product and software developer at Mobzili where he led an agile team in developing web portals and location based mobile applications. Wojtek holds a Masters of Science in Human Computer Interaction degree from University College London.
        Chris Robbins has been involved in the public markets as a director and as management for over twenty years gaining knowledge and experience in a broad range of fields that include telecommunications, natural resource, exploration, and online technologies. In his capacity as a director he also currently acts as a Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary of Gungnir Resources, a TSX.V listed corporation.
        Dave Antony is the current Chief Executive Officer of Iron Tank and is Chartered Accountant and has over 20 years’ experience in assisting companies in structuring transactions, accessing capital, and corporate governance. He is currently also Chief Executive and a director of Blackhawk Resource Corp., Draft Team Daily Fantasy Sports Corp., Africa Hydrocarbons Inc., and Valencia Ventures Inc. In addition, David Antony sits on both the Local Advisory and National Advisory Committees for the TSXV.
        Mr. Seguin is an independent businessman who has over 20-year experience in senior management roles with various private companies. He has achieved entrepreneurial and operational excellence through multiple new venture start-ups and consulting companies. Currently Mr. Seguin is the Vice President of Strait Capital Corp. and previously was the COO of Continental Pipeline & Facility Ltd. Mr. Seguin has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta and a MBA from the University of Calgary.
        Mr. Hayre is currently Chief Operating Officer and Director of Taipak Enterprises Limited a private company based in BC. He has been an advisor to several public and private, technology and natural resource exploration companies. Prior to joining this firm in 2013, Mr. Hayre was the COO with a private technology company that was transacted to a NYSE listed company. He has also held several senior management positions including Senior Manager within the Enterprise Risk Services Group for Deloitte.
        Toria Andersen has been immersed in marketing and communications for the past 5 years. She graduated with a Masters of Science in Marketing from Carlos III University in Madrid, Spain. She received the award for the highest grade in the program. Andersen’s passion for branding and collaboration makes her a valuable asset to the team. Her career and life values can be summed up in her personal motto: “Inquire. Invent. Inspire.”
        James focuses on strategic relevant design with the user experience as the focus. Whether it’s brand collateral, inbound or outbound marketing tactics, a user’s journey through the material to the point of acquisition is always carefully crafted for the utmost ease and success. Over his 10-year career he has had the privilege of working with some of the biggest brands in the business, across various category from online software to retail marketing and everything in between, through his leadership at Critical Mass (Omnicom).

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