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GSL brings superior science, unique products, and patented technologies to the improvement and development of cannabinoid medicines, products, and plant cultivation. Our areas of focus include: patented extraction, phytocannabinoid isolation and custom reformulation technologies; research and development expertise in plant science and product development; and specialized fertilizers, lighting and growing systems for cultivators.
We are a team of experienced business professionals, entrepreneurs, doctors, professors, researchers and administrators with a common goal: to drive innovation, better products, and better outcomes in the cannabinoid industry, from plant to patient and all stages in between.


Green Sky Labs Inc. (GSL) is a Canadian corporation with vertically integrated business lines focused on its unique extraction and isolation technologies to produce pure isolates such as CBD and THC from hemp and marijuana. GSL’s proprietary technologies allow the extraction and isolation of these isolates at significant cost advantage over current methods. GSL will be setting up its own operations as well as joint venture partnerships across several key jurisdictions to manufacture and distribute the extract and isolate products. 



Custom Formulations for Desired Therapeutic Outcomes
Custom formulations of cannabinoid compounds targeted to address specific medical indications.

Precise, Custom Formulations
Our Medicines in Development

Green Sky Pharma is prioritizing its research and development efforts in areas with the greatest scientific and commercial promise: immunology and inflammation, oncology, neurology, neuroscience and pain, and anxiety disorders. Through proprietary extraction and formulation technologies, Green Sky Pharma is developing cannabinoid medical solutions that will matter most to the people we serve.

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