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MI3 is a Montreal-based new-age financial communications company geared for today’s fast-paced global economy. MI3’s services were developed to leverage the trading and market experience of our bilingual team to provide public relations, market-making activities and investor relations to Canadian public companies. We have worked with more than 85 small, mid and large cap public companies.




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  1. We work with our clients so that they become accountable to their stakeholders

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Market Intelligence for Mid and Large Cap Companies

The MI3 team combines over 200 years of experience in the financial markets with backgrounds in institutional sales and trading, market-making, brokerage, fund management, floor trading, technical analysis, arbitrage, etc. We have worked on developing a unique program for mid and large cap companies since 2008, and in 2011, we launched our Market Intelligence program. The concept behind MI3’s Market Intelligence is to provide in-depth analysis in this ever-changing market. This program incorporates our interpretation of market data and quantitative analysis, including qualitative evaluation techniques.

By definition, Market Intelligence is the systematic gathering, analysis and dissemination of information relevant to a company’s market activity. Our Market Intelligence initiatives consist of gathering, analyzing, monitoring, profiling and supplying information, both qualitative and quantitative, in a time-sensitive, critical format, for the purpose of helping you make accurate, strategic decisions in today’s volatile equity markets.
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Market Making for TSX Venture Companies

We offer market-making services in compliance with Policy 3.4 of the TSX Venture Exchange. In this participative role, we supply your stock by intervening in a quality manner to maintain an orderly market. This includes tightening the bid-ask spread and correcting temporary imbalances. The program is headed by two ex-institutional traders with over 35 years of experience each. All of our trading practices are in compliance with the rules of the sponsoring broker and IIROC.
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