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NeutriSci International Inc. (TSX.NU) is Canadian public corporation specializing in the marketing, development and distribution of proprietary nutraceuticals. We develop effective marketing and branding strategies for nutraceutical partners around the world. Established in 2009, NeutriSci has focused on the market development of several breakthrough nutraceutical products.


Pterostilbene is a stilbenoid found predominately in blueberries, which helps the body produce mitochondrial energy, increase focus and fight off infections. Based on phase 2/3 clinical studies it has been shown to provide increased energy and has anti-cancer, anti-hypercholesterolemia, anti-hypertriglyceridemia properties, as well as the ability to fight off and reverse some cognitive function decline. Pterostilbene has anti-inflammatory, anti-neoplastic, and anti-oxidantactions via odulations of gene expression and enzyme activity


Neuenergy is a unique proprietary molecular bond of pterostilbene, and caffeine, this combination produces increased focus and energy for up to 8 hours without the use of high levels of caffeine.  
Neuenergy provides the user with a more gradual processing of caffeine, helping avoid the “crash” associated with traditional high-dose caffeine energy products
Neuenergy provides a sustained energy boost, focus and mental clarity while also demonstrating the ability to assist with weight loss. 



Scott Ackerman is the President and CEO of Emprise Capital Corp. Mr. Ackerman has been active in the public markets for more than twenty years, having held senior executive roles in various capacities from Investor Relations to Executive Management. In addition to his role with Emprise, Mr. Ackerman serves as a director and senior officer of a number of publicly traded and private ‘start-up’ venture companies. Mr. Ackerman has gained experience in the Nutraceutical industry while working in the Ginseng industry in Canada, the United States, and Asia, serving in both operational and senior management roles.

Mr. Rehman has been the President of NeutriSci since December, 2014. Mr. Rehman has over twenty years of business practice of which include Banking, Retail, Operations and Management. Mr. Rehman also served as a Senior Director of Operations for Bernard Callebaut Chocolates and was responsible for domestic and international expansion operations. Most recently Mr. Rehman served as Chief Operations Officer for Cineplex Media (formerly Vauntcom Media).

Robert Chisholm is the CFO of Emprise Capital Corp. Mr. Chisholm has over twenty-five years of experience of finance and administration in the public markets, having served as a director and senior officer of a number of TSX listed companies. Mr. Chisholm has experience with major retail operations having held the position of Chief Financial Officer with PNI Digital Media Inc. (recently acquired by Staples), during which time Mr. Chisholm was involved in completing business agreements with retailers including Costco, Wal-Mart and CVS Pharmacy.
Website:   NeutrSci International


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Glen Rehman has been with the Company since January 2010. Mr. Rehman has over 20 years of business practice of which includes Banking, Retail, Operations and Management. Mr. Rehman has also served as a Senior Director of Operations of Bernard Callebaut Chocolates where he was responsible for domestic and international expansion operations, and as Chief Operations Officer for CinePlexMedia (formerly Vauntcom Media).
Jeff Durno is the managing partner of ASKD Law LLP, a Vancouver based boutique law firm focussed on corporate and securities transactions and Chairman of Emprise Capital Corp., a Vancouver based merchant banking company. Mr. Durno has over twenty years of experience in the public markets, during which time he has served as a director and senior officer of numerous TSX listed companies. Mr. Durno was calledto the Bar of Ontario in 1993 and British Columbia in 1994 and is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada.
Paula Rogers is a Chartered Accountant who has 15 years of experience working for Canadian-based international public companies in the areas of treasury, mergers and acquisitions, financial reporting, and tax, and is currently Director and Audit Committee Chair for Timmins Gold Corp and until recently, was Chief Financial Officer of Castle Peak Mining Ltd. Mrs. Rogers has also served as Vice-President, Treasurer of Goldcorp Inc. and Corporate Treasurer of Wheaton River Minerals Ltd. from 2004 until its 2005 merger with Goldcorp. Mrs. Rogers holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia and completed her CA articling at Deloitte and Touche.
Anthony Hugensis currently the Director of Retail Development at CMS Famous Toys Ltd. in Edmonton, Alberta. CMS distributes and markets toys and general merchandise to the grocery and drug store trade. At CMS, Mr. Hugensis responsible for the mission, vision and objectives across all retail revenue streams. Prior to CMS, Mr. Hugensserved as Director of eCommercefor The Brick from 2007 to 2009, and prior to that, held the role of Strategic Planning Manager at Walmart for over 13 years.
Dana Montenegro is the former Driver of Culture, Innovation & Inspiration for Red Bull Energy Drink GmbH where he lead changeand innovation initiatives in Latin America and Europe. Mr. Montenegro has over 18 years experience in global innovation management,marketing, design driven change and applied creativity. In 2008, Mr. Montenegro became co-founder of SeriouslyCreative, an innovation, design thinking and creative problem solving consultancy and co-founder of green technology startup Grasslark.

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