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NioBay Metals Inc. is a mining exploration company holding a 100% interest in the James Bay Niobium Project located in Ontario and a 72.5% interest in the Crevier niobium and tantalum project located in Quebec. In addition, NioBay holds a 49% direct participation in certain mineral titles located in the Chibougamau region, Quebec, under a joint venture agreement with SOQUEM.


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 3 Reasons to invest
  1. Only 3 producers in the world.
    ▪ Canada (1) & Brazil (2).

  2. 90% niobium consumes by steel industry; Significant impacts on GHG reduction.

  3. Demand is constantly growing. MAKES STEEL BETTER!
    ▪ Highly used on Superalloys (turbines) & great potential in lithium battery

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James Bay Niobium Project
The James Bay property was discovered in 1966 by Consolidated Morrison Explorations. Major exploration work carried out in 1968 and 1969, including about 14,600 meters of drilling in 85 holes established a deposit extending to 275 meters in depth and 500 meters longitudinally. Lakefield Research (now SGS Lakefield) carried out metallurgical tests in 1969, allowing for the development of a flow sheet for the niobium ore, to produce a niobium concentrate grading of about 65% pyrochlore (Nb2O5). The overall niobium recovery was 78% during the pilot tests which is by far the higher niobium recovery for this type of niobium deposit.
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Crevier Project
In the fiscal year of 2010, Niobay Metals received a positive Preliminary Economic Assessment for the Crevier project. This project consists of a niobium (Nb) and tantalum (Ta) resource. The Preliminary Economic Assessment was carried out by Met-Chem Canada Inc.

Based on this positive assessment,Niobay Metals and Crevier Minerals (CMI) decided to start a feasibility study on the project with the intention of bringing the niobium and tantalum resource to the market.

The feasibility study was ongoing throughout 2011, with the preparation of the environmental and geotechnical studies required for construction of the key facilities.
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