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Currently, SFD® is the only airborne tool that provides information on areas conducive to fluid entrapment in the sedimentary column. The SFD® survey is complementary to existing geophysical methods, particularly seismic programs. In pre-seismic applications, SFD® can generate high-potential prospect leads in large underexplored areas. In post-seismic applications, SFD® can prioritize seismic prospects based on their reservoir potentials.




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 3 Reasons to invest
  1. NXT finalized the acquisition of its specific rights to utilize the SFD® technology in hydrocarbon exploration. The remaining preferred shares were converted in 2015, and our share structure now consists of simply 53.3 million outstanding common shares, a very modest total for a company our size.

  2. We continued to expand our global presence and experience base, and secured another significant new client, YPFB, the National Oil Company of Bolivia.

  3. Our profitable operations allowed us to expand our financial strength, and we exited the year with net working capital of $7.5+ million.

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The NXT Strategy

NXT’s goal is to continue expanding industry acceptance and use of our proprietary Stress Field Detection (“SFD”) airborne survey technology, and make SFD an integral part of our clients oil & gas exploration programs.  Gaining repeat business from existing clients, and building on new case studies which showcase the capabilities of SFD in identifying reservoir prospects in varying geological settings is aiding in achieving this goal.
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NXT Energy Solutions

George Liszicasz, President and Chief Executive Officer explains progress at NXT Energy Solutions Inc,


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