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Relevium is a publicly traded corporation strategically focused the acquisition of e-retail brands, products and technologies in the health and wellness market. Relevium’s products are part of the $3.72 trillion dollar global wellness industry — one of the fastest growing worldwide markets. Our specific focus is on products that promote overall health, nutraceuticals, fitness nutrition and cosmeceuticals. The company already has 25 products being sold on Amazon with more being planned.


1000 Sherbrooke Street West Suite 2700 Montreal, Quebec H3A 3G4

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location_on1000 Sherbrooke Street West Suite 2700 Montreal, Quebec H3A 3G4
 3 Reasons to invest
  1. Worldwide wellness is a $3.72 trillion industry and one of the world’s fastest-growing markets.

  2. Acquire great entrepreneurial e-brands with a portfolio approach and building value through optimization and investments on brand equity.

  3. Relevium Technologies Inc. announced its plans to increase its presence in and ramp up its current offering to over thirty (30) SKUs before the end of the year.

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Biocannabix Health Corporation Inc. (“BCX”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Relevium Technologies with a focus on Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical of cannabinoid infused formulations for pediatric and adult medical applications. The company’s head offices are located in Montreal, Quebec and is the process of designing and building a fully integrated organic cultivation and processing GMP facility in based in Montreal, Quebec. The brand portfolio includes Biocannabix® and Cannakids®.
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BioGanix is a cutting-edge line of weight-loss, health, beauty improvement and fitness supplements and products. BioGanix products help people lose weight, become healthier, happier, and most importantly achieve the results that our customers are looking for.

BioGanix has some of the best-selling products in the Health and Personal Care category on Amazon, and a loyal customer base. The combination of online marketing with an emphasis on superior quality products backed by stringent scientific research and formulations, this has developed BioGanix in becoming one of the leading dietary supplement brands in the U.S.
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