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Sonoro through its wholly owned subsidiaries has a 71.5 percent working interest in a production sharing contract (PSC), plus a pending 28% working interest waiting on government approval, for the exploration rights to a 1094 square kilometer onshore area on Sulawesi Indonesia called the Budong Budong PSC. The company plans to  revisit success by drilling one to two appraisal wells on this PSC for a shallow (500m), well defined Pliocene structure, which through the previously drilled LG-1, had oil and gas shows. The Company is also pursuing other oil and gas opportunities in South East Asia where it sees significant growth opportunity.  
Sonoro Energy is focused on revisiting the shallow success of oil exploration in Indonesia’s West Sulawesi province.


-One of the world’s fastest developing economies
- Demand for energy is outstripping supply 
- Oil and gas fiscal regime is very well established 
- Proven and mature oil and gas basins 
- Indonesian government is seeking to attract more investment into energy sector


Sonoro is an international oil and gas resource exploration and development company with a focus on Southeast Asia and its onshore Budong Budong production sharing contract in Sulawesi Indonesia. 


Budong Budong Production Sharing Contract (PSC)
Sulawesi, Indonesia

The Budong Budong Production Sharing Contract ("BB PSC") lies on the coast of western Sulawesi almost directly opposite Balikpapan. Sonoro has remapped the shallow LG Prospect from existing 2D seismic to better define the 4-way closure drilled by the LG-1 well and has confirmed that it was drilled on the flank of the structure. More importantly Sonoro has looked in detail at the pressure data collected during the drilling of the well and confirmed that it intersected a series of hydrocarbon reservoirs with clear oil gradients. The result is that LG-1 up-dip is a oil prospect with a crest some 110 metres up-dip from LG-1 well. LG-1 up-dip is therefore a  low risk appraisal project  with all pay intervals between 200 to 600 metres depth and an estimated  TD of around 750 metres. There are at least two further follow up shallow prospects of similar if not larger size in the northern area of the PSC  and a really impressive lead in the southern area with a preliminary mapped  15km x 3km closure, a TD of around 1000 metres with an oil seep on crest but which will need more low cost seismic (weight drop 2D) to firm up.
    1. - 1,099 square km area after final relinquishment
    2. - Cost recovery of 100%
    3. - Cost recovery pool at over $80 million (unaudited)
    4. - Production Split of 62.5% to Contractor
    5. - Royalty of 10%
    6. - Exploration term expired Jan 15, 2017, extended to Jan. 15, 2018
    7. - LG-1 and KD-1 wells discovered oil and gas at shallow depths (450-750m)
    8. - Sonoro is seeking to drill one appraisal well (600m TD) by late October 2017
    9. - 20 year production term on commercial discovery and plan of development
    10. - Balikpapan refinery is 280km across straight with several ports on Sulawesi capable of export
    11. - Fast track PoD with successful appraisal wells can achieve sustained production in 2018
The Company has commenced operations for a one well appraisal drilling program on the Budong Budong license offsetting the LG-1 well.  Estimated completion date Late Q3 2017, early Q4 2017.


Richard Wadsworth, CEO & Director
Engineer, 25+ years international: Premier, Anglo Albanian, Koch, Syncrude & Esso
Co-Founder Bankers Petroleum, President & COO; Increased production to 7,000 bopd; 2P reserves of 100+ mmbbl. 
While at Anglo Albanian Petroleum (Premier Oil), drilled the first twenty well in Albania in over 20 years. Developed numerous oil and gas fields for Koch exploration in Western Canada during his early career

Bill Marpe, General Manager, Jakarta, Indonesia
Lawyer (TX), 35 years international: Union Texas Petroleum, Transworld Oil Ltd.
President of three Production Sharing Companies in Indonesia.
General Manager of P.T. Petcon Borneo: Palangkaraya Block sold to Conoco-Phillips
Founder and President of Stockbridge Oil & Gas Ltd

Dean Callaway, Chief Financial Officer
Former executive with Bukit Energy, Gallic Energy, TG World, Enbridge, TransAlta, and Merryl Lynch
Chartered Professional Account, Bachelor Commerce from Dalhouse with MBA from Nijenrode University
Experience in Indonesia, Philippines, France, Niger and North America

Hening Sugiatno, Senior Geologist
Geologist, Colorado School of Mines, MSc; 20 years Oil E&P experience in Indonesia. Managed several PSC blocks: W. Kampar, Pandalian Field, Sumatera. Developed play concepts leading to award of Palangkaraya PSC, Kalimantan.

Alan Rachman, Government Liaison
 Engineer, >30 years upstream and downstream operations in Indonesia. PT Petcon, Harvest Natural Resources and Ormat International. Started his career with Schlumberger. Regular participant in Indonesia Government and and regulatory consultative panels focusing on renewable energy.


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Issued & Outstanding:  177,314,463
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Auditor:  Deloitte LLP

SEDAR:  Sonoro Energy

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Geologist, 30 years international: Shell, ARCO, V.P. ARCO Europe/N. Africa - Major successes in China, New Zealand, Indonesia and the United Kingdom - Track record of building and financing start-up exploration and production ventures - SE Asia, the UK, Canada and the Caribbean.
Geologist, 25 years International: RadCan, Arakis Energy, Forum Energy, and Benchmark - Colombia, Philippines, Tunisia, Egypt, Indonesia, Turkmenistan, Sudan, PNG, Oman - Currently VP Business Development of Horizon Petroleum Plc; - Has been involved in raising over $300mm across various ventures
Over 30 years international commercial and finacial experience in Oil and Gas - Most recently with Noble and Glencore and formerly with BP and Vitol - Majority of working life spent in Asia with the balance in Europe and Africa. - Currently establishing and investing in start up and growth energy companies
Professional Petroleum Engineer, 25 years international oil and gas experience: Co-Founder of Bankers Petroleum in 2004: Orchestrated the acquisition of the Patos Marinza Oilfield in Albania with initial 500 bopd production. - Director, President and COO of Bankers Petroleum (2004-2008). Built the team and redeveloped the Patos Marinza oilfield with new technology to grow to 7,000 bopd and over 100 mmbbls of 2P reserves in the first four years. Developed the first oil exports in country in 2004 and established first horizontal drilling in 2008. - Previously with Premier, Anglo Albanian, Koch, Syncrude and Esso.
Geologist with over 27 years in international oil: Horizon Petroleum, CalValley, AEC, Cdn Oxy, Sun Oil, BP - Europe, southeast Asia, North America, South America, Africa - Currently CEO and President of Horizon Petroleum Ltd.; Founder and Director of Canacol Energy - Formerly with Canadian Occidental in Indonesia
Lawyer (TX), 35 years international: Union Texas Petroleum, Transworld Oil Ltd.- President of three Production Sharing Companies in Indonesia. - General Manager of P.T. Petcon Borneo: Palangkaraya Block sold to Conoco-Phillips - Founder and President of Stockbridge Oil & Gas Ltd