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Argex Titanium Inc. has developed an advanced process for the production of high grade titanium dioxide (TiO2) white pigment to be used as a quality ingredient in industrial products. Join us as we develop a more cost effective and more environmentally friendly way to produce TiO2 pigment.
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Baveno posted an update in the group ARGEX TITANIUM INC. 4 days ago

What I really like to know is, why there are 4 directors with financial background in the new Argex team? I hope as a long term shareholder I can ask this?

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Good morning, Baveno. Our Board is in fact composed of a number of people with a background in finance, that is misters Mazeb Haddad, Florian Rais and Raouf Ghali, while Amir Dallala is an accountant. On his side, Mazen Alnaimi is an engineer with a vast experience in large industrial projects. A Board of five members is small and we will look for enlarging it in the future. Diversity and complementarity in the expertise of the people composing our Board will then be important for proposing new members to our shareholders. I hope this answer well your question. Gladys
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Thank you Gladys. Certainly the team needs some more members. Also I'm sure Mr. Alnaimi is doing a great job. But why is it so difficult for the members with finanacial connections in his team to fix the financing over months? I can't understand this?
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Financing is difficult for several companies these days. While Argex has solid assets and a technology that has a strong potential, we are still a small company and not all investors are comfortable with companies at this stage of their development. However, I would like to highlight that we have a very strong and loyal group of investors that has been supporting Argex for a long time now. They have been patient and we are thankful that they continue to believe in our strategy. You’re one of them, Baveno. Thank you. You can be assured that our CEO, Mazen Alnaimi - who has personally made a significant investment in Argex - and his team are working day and in day out to make sure that all our shareholders will be rewarded for their support. Gladys
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Thanks. I hope the best for all of us.

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Arnold Dyck posted an update in the group ARGEX TITANIUM INC. 3 days ago

Seems to me that what Argex desperately needs is a well defined marketing strategy and marketing people. With all the positives: low costs, superior product, environmentally friendly, etc, it seems to me share prices should be going through the roof, not declining. Whatever happened with the close relationship with PPG?

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That's 1000% corrcectly Arnold. And what's about the deal with Helm? In the conference call was said, that Argex talk to 2 partys and a third party - a trading comapny - year 2017 only got some days and nothing is save?!
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Good day, Arnold. The priority until recently was to finalize our product, and to obtain independent confirmation of its efficiency and competitiveness against competing products. Which we did and announced recently. The question of the specific relationships with potential clients is not something the current Management wants to address publicly, for obvious reasons. It doesn’t mean that we are no more in contact with them. But we privilege to work behind the scene, and when something concrete and solid is concluded, then to announce it. I would also like to remind you and all our shareholders that with the recent product validation we got from an external laboratory, we automatically reached another stage in the discussions we have with potential partners. This external validation, in certain cases, could replace internal testings by paint producers. At this point in Argex’s development plan, financing is key, either for our current operations and for the construction of our Technology center, and this is our focus. You’re right that marketing is important, but in the Business to Business industrial world in which Argex operates, we are looking to build long term partnerships, so that we have long-term engagements when we start commercial production in 2020. Hope it helps! Gladys

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ericebata posted an update in the group ARGEX TITANIUM INC. 4 days ago

This is certainly an unexpected PR! I would have thought that the prime focus of financing at this time was to secure funds for the Technology Centre. The only reasons I can see for exploration of Lac Brule is to either enhance value of the property before selling it or to develop it as a source of raw material for future processing. However the latter could be expensive and time consuming. Just a thought.

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Good morning, Éric. As an owner of a mining property, we have annual obligations, namely the one to continue to explore our mining property and develop an economic value. We decided to take this opportunity to attract new capital in order to fulfil our needs in working capital. We are also working on the financing of the Technology Center. Have a nice day. Gladys

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