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Black Iron Inc. is a Canadian iron ore exploration and development company advancing its 100% owned Shymanivske Project located in Krivyi Rih, Ukraine, to production.
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derekwood posted an update in the group BLACK IRON INC 3 days ago

Technical analysts is a tool used by some to try and gauge when a market is likely to move. In the case of Black Iron it is my belief as well as management’s that a much higher valuation is supported by fundamentals too. • Black Iron completed a successful IPO in 2011 raising approximately $36 million at $1.40/share • By 2014, Black Iron management completed a Bankable Feasibility Study showing great economics and reached an agreement with Metinvest to finance a sizable portion of the project construction costs • Unfortunately, also in 2014, Russia invaded Ukraine and iron ore prices subsequently fell dramatically • Black Iron divested Metinvest in January 2016 and currently owns 100% of the Shymanivske Project Black Iron decided to put the Project on hold until recently, when for a number of reasons the timing looks right to create a new go forward plan to move the Project towards production. These reasons include: • Since November 2016, benchmark 62% iron content prices markedly increased from a low of US$37/T to hit a high of US$95/T in February 2017 and averaged ~US$74/T over the period to date in large part due to increased global steel demand. • In July of this year management decided to move ahead with the project once again. In order to illustrate to the market the economics of the project in the current environment a new Preliminary economic study was commissioned. The report expected to be released next month will be based on a design that is smaller, but scalable. It will require considerably less upfront Capital expenditure and will take into account current commodity prices and a much more favorable exchange rate. • Black Iron has a strong working capital position • The front line of conflict in Ukraine is located ~450km away from the Project site and has not geographically advanced since the invasion occurred over three years ago. During this entire period, the iron ore mines surrounding the Project continued to operate business as usual. I am re-posting below a link to an interview that was recorded live with the CEO Matt Simpson Black Iron’s CEO. I represent Black Iron because I believe that has a great likelihood of success and if successful investors at this point are likely to be very well rewarded. Please feel free to reach out to me here on the 80-20 investor forum or email me feel free to call 403-200-3569 Cheers

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8020Admin posted an update in the group BLACK IRON INC 3 days ago

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oyster_777 posted an update in the group BLACK IRON INC 3 days ago

This is an interesting view of the Black Iron chart analytics, and probably something that traders would be interested in. It does tend to give a novice like myself the feeling that until the bottom is complete, by the share price breaking $0.16 as you stated, it may be risky until then? From a charting analytics point of view would that be a correct interpretation? More importantly is there anything the company can update us on with regards to the Project? As an investor, I am more interested in a company update if available? thank you, Oliver

derekwood posted an update in the group BLACK IRON INC 4 days ago

cup and handle is a pattern used by technical analysts. black Iron seems to be showing some signs of nearing the completion of the pattern and possibly moving higher. of course the fundamentals of this company are also extremely compelling. The bullish chart formation is just one other box to tick. Black Iron has been forming a Cup and Handle bottom since mid-2014. The bottom would be complete with a move above $0.16. Completion of a bottom is the first phase of a new up trend.