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Datametrex AI Limited is focused on the collection of retail sales data from Point of Sales (POS) terminals, providing government agencies and fortune 500 corporations with Artificial Intelligence solutions and implementing Blockchain solutions for secure data transfers.
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Matt Plickert posted an update in the group DATAMETREX AI LIMITED 2 days ago

Hi Jeff. Curious if you can give any updates on the LOI with LOTTE? Amazing having interest from such a large company. Keep up the amazing work.

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Hi Matt, we continue to move that relationship forward. As you can imagine with such a large organization it takes time. We are very prompt with news release updates when we have info to share. Have a great weekend!
Thanks Jeff. Really excited about that one.

Yolando Yap joined the group Datametrex AI Limited 1 day ago

David posted an update in the group DATAMETREX AI LIMITED 2 days ago

Hi, Personally I think that going into cryptocurrency mining involves a lot of risks, like regulations, legal status, hacking, crypto could lose its value and nobody knows for sure how the future for cryptocurrency will be. Can you tell me more about how Datametrex broke down the risks when acquiring Ronin? And what do you consider being the biggest risks? And what is the estimated revenue for Ronin when they get their data centres up and running in January? Regards, David.

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Hi David, appreciate your concerns and will do my best to answer your questions and hopefully alleviate some of them. I agree this is a relatively new technology and there are risks associated with it. What really like about Ronin is there approach to mining currencies based on momentum and market sentiment. We will not be simply mining one currency, out of the gate the focus is on Ether but the team will have the ability to mine other currencies to take advantage of changes in momentum etc. With respects to regulations, yes I think there will be regulations in the future but I think the train has left the station and it's too late reverse it so any regulations will involve some integration vs shutting down. Ronin's approach is to mine and trade the currencies not necessarily take a long term view on the direction of particular currencies. We feel this reduces risk as we all know how volatile the currencies can be. Think of it as a crypto mining trade desk or hedge fund. We will share pro forma numbers post closing of the transaction. We fully expect to be mining in January. Thanks for the questions. Have a great weekend.
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Please excuse the spelling errors and missed words. 8.30pm on a Friday after a very long week grinding to get the deal. Have a great weekend all.
I guess this is fair enough for now, hopefully you guys have thought precisely over this. I look forward to more updates. But I have a couple more question. You said that you always look at the team when acquiring a company. What is so important about the team in a cryptocurrency mining company? Can't everyone mine currency as long as they have money? How many employees does Ronin have, will all the revenues from mining go directly to Datametrex? Keep up the great work!
And is the equipment that they are mining with already paid for? Can you tell anything about the equipment they are going to use?

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Mac Marchal posted an update in the group DATAMETREX AI LIMITED 2 days ago

I too have mixed feelings about this. Really like the DataTap concept and the acquisition of Nexalogy seems very promising and compatible. But crypto mining?