8020 Connect takes your privacy seriously but we do require information for the following reasons:

  1. We will collect your information to provide you a better 8020 Connect experience and/or service.
  2. 8020 Connect works within the financial services regulatory environment and as such will require certain pieces of information and digital signatures in order to provide certain services
  3. The other purposes described below
The only time your personal information will be shared with other persons will be based on your informed consent, or by law or financial regulation.

8020 Connect chooses to comply with National Instrument 31-103 Part 11.6, as a guideline for managing and storing communications between issuers and the public. USER CONSENT: By becoming a member of the 8020 Connect community, you consent to the collection, use and sharing of your personal data and you abide by the 8020 Connect User “Terms and Conditions”. If you do not like how 8020 Connect may use your personal data, you can opt-out by deleting your account.

If you wish to have all your comments and posts related to your user profile deleted, you may contact privacypolicy@8020 and request to have this information deleted from the 8020 Connect website. In certain cases, 8020 Connect may be required to save your comments, posts and/or user profile information to meet the requirements of the governing investment regulatory bodies or law enforcement.

SIGN-UP/REGISTRATION/PROFILE: To become an 8020 Connect member, you must provide a minimum amount of information, which currently includes: your full name, email address, postal code/zip code, password and may include additional information from time to time. You can choose to provide additional information about yourself, professional experience, education and/or background in your profile settings. You agree that by creating an 8020 Connect account, 8020 Connect and others may be able to identify and/or find you by your 8020 Connect profile.

You agree to and allow 8020 Connect to use this information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and our 8020 Connect User “Terms and Conditions”.

If 8020 Connect offers a Premium Service, you may be required to provide payment and billing information.

DATA: 8020 Connect is committed in taking the necessary steps to protect your information by storing your information on secure servers that meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

If you have any concerns about providing information to 8020 Connect or having your information displayed, analyzed or used in any other manner deemed appropriate by 8020 Connect , as permitted by this Privacy Policy and/or 8020 Connect ’s User “Terms and Conditions”, you should not become a Member of 8020 Connect , or if you are currently a member you can opt-out of the 8020 Connect community and services by deleting your account.

COLLECTION OF DATA: You consent to have 8020 Connect collect all and any information available to 8020 Connect when using services or applications provided by 8020 Connect .

When communicating in groups or on the 8020 Connect site, 8020 Connect may analyze the communication, information, data or other information to determine trends based on the information collected.

NEW SERVICES AND FEATURES: 8020 Connect is continually adding new services and features to increase your experience on 8020 Connect. These services may collect new or different information about you or how you use 8020 Connect services. In such cases, we will update our Privacy Policy and will use our best efforts to notify all users of the changes to our Privacy Policy.

ASSOCIATES & CONNECTIONS:You may use the 8020 Connect platform to search for contacts and make connections with other members.

You will also be able to invite friends and/or business associates to the 8020 Connect platform or specific tokenholder Groups.

        In order to comply with the Anti-Spam legislation, you agree to only use the “Send Invites” function with people whom you have         prior consent or a personal relationship with.

The 8020 Connect members page allows you to connect, share and engage with your connections. Other 8020 Connect members may also view your member profile to learn more about you, your interests and review your activity on 8020 Connect.

8020 Connect may develop other tools or platforms that may or will allow the syncing of information in order to increase your connections and user experience on the 8020 Connect platform.

Any information that you post or share on the 8020 Connect shareholder platform may be viewable by other members of the 8020 Connect Community.

COOKIES: 8020 Connect may employ cookies to improve your 8020 Connect experience, increase servicing, and maximize security.

MONITORING AND REVIEWING: 8020 Connect is constantly monitoring and reviewing comments, posts and changes to profiles. 8020 Connect may remove and or store comments and post which violates 8020 Connect ’s User “Terms and Conditions” or which violates a rule of the governing regulatory body or law enforcement.

TRANSFERRING/SELLING/SHARING OF YOUR INFORMATION: Should you choose, and only if you choose, to be contacted by a professional financial institutions or a company, you allow 8020 Connect to share, transfer and/or sell your contact information, name, number, email or other profile information to the professional financial institutions or companies. By choosing to be contacted, you agree to be reached via email, phone or other means of communication by the professional institution or the company.

REGULATORY OR LEGAL DISCLOSURES: 8020 Connect is continually working with Canadian, USA and other international investment industry associations and regulatory bodies. Given this relationship, 8020 Connect may be obligated to meet the requirements of the governing regulatory bodies. 8020 Connect may be called upon and/or required to provide certain information on your communications. 8020 Connect will also be required to store all information for a minimum of seven years based on current regulations. 8020 Connect is not registered in any capacity in the United States, and therefore you should not expect the protections of any of the U.S. federal or state securities laws and regulations.

USE OF INFORMATION: 8020 Connect will collect information from profiles, messages, polls, surveys, blogs, postings or other forms of communications to drive a variety of investment analytics. These analytics will be used to increase 8020 Connect services, educational materials, member experiences and to create social investment trends. This information may also be used to help public issuers advertise to you through paid advertising services provide by 8020 Connect. You agree that 8020 Connect may communicate, advertise, solicit you through your 8020 Connect account or any other means including email, mobile number, text, telephone, or delivery services (postal service) about your account or services associated with 8020 Connect.

ADVERTISING POLICY: We may target 8020 Connect members with ads from 8020 or other third-party services. Data collect from the use of 8020 Connect services or your profile may be used to help tailor ads or content specific to your interests. We will not share your personal profile information with third-party advertisers without your permission. However, should you click on an ad from a third-party service, the third-party service may be able collect information about you through cookies or other technologies.

IMPROVING SERVICES: 8020 Connect may collect information, conduct surveys, or contact your directly to improve our services and/or learn more about our member community.

POST INTERACTIONS: 8020 Connect offers users the ability to interact with posts such as: comments on posts, “happy face” for helpful comments and flagging posts for inappropriate content. This information will be displayed for others to view and in some cases, post or comment flagging will be used by 8020 Connect to manage the site and users.

DATA RETENTION: Due to regulatory requirements in Canada, USA and the International community, 8020 Connect has chosen National Instrument 31-103 Part 11.6 as a guideline for managing and storing communications between issuers and the public.

RIGHT TO MODIFY: 8020 Connect retains the right to modify or change this Privacy Policy when deemed necessary and without notice. You should periodically review this privacy policy for any changes to the privacy policy.