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Building a trustworthy investment community. Test

The only investor/shareholder platform dedicated to corporate transparency.

Trust your gut. But make it smarter.
Pull back the curtain and discover a wealth of information.

You should be the one deciding your financial future. But the investment world is big, complicated, and not built to guide investors. So 8020 is building a better one. Our platform brings together knowledge, community, and corporate management in a transparent, open conversation.

We’re pulling back the curtain so Shareholders are a part of their investment — not just spectators. With firsthand knowledge and community driven understanding of how stock value is measured and developed, you understand what’s at stake and what moves to make.

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8020 Connect is proud to announce: the signing of an official agreement with the Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange.
Read the press release about 8020 Connect and the TSX dedication to corporate transparency - (October 26, 2016)
Strength in numbers; But shareholders are more than a number.
One individual can move a stone — a million individuals can move the earth.

We’ve created a place for Shareholders and companies to come together, leveraging everyone’s perspective and thoughts*. We’re building a community on transparency. We aren’t moving in lock step — we’re each putting our weight against the stone. The 8020 platform is a place where every individual is heard, and each voice counts.

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*Shareholders and investors can freely discuss company strategy, form questions for management, and get the answers - together.
Voices in the boardroom.
Now you hear management — now management hears you.

A healthy shareholder community doesn’t grow from nothing. A healthy community emerges and grows from honest dialogue* between everyone — from Shareholder to CEO. 8020 helps your voice be heard in the community — from chatroom to boardroom.


*Shareholders can ask management questions directly in a Private Corporate Group on the 8020 Connect Shareholder Platform.

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Bringing it all together.
An established platform for shareholder engagement.

The 8020 platform creates a unique position in the current investment marketplace. Insights into industries and companies combine with an open dialogue between management and shareholders — enabling shareholders to understand innovative and daring strategies taken by the company. Shareholders become engaged in their investments. This new relationship bolsters companies and stabilizes market movement to give you confidence in your portfolio.