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Understand The Synthetic Fuel Industry (3 Part Series)

Understand The Synthetic Fuel Industry (3 Part Series)

(Part 1 of 3) The Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Alberta (UofA) put together a presentation on Gas-to-Liquid conversion industry. We would like to start a conversation about the justifications and challenges of the Gas-to-Liquid conversion industry. We will be utilizing the information from the UofA presentation and findings as a point of discussion.  


We will develop three short advertorials or posts:


1.      Justification

2.      Challenges

3.      Synstream’s model


Justifications for Gas-to-Liquid conversion:


1. Synthetic Diesel is a direct substitute product for oil-based produced diesel. No modification to the engine or vehicle is required in order to use synthetic diesel. This means there is no additional material cost for the consumer to utilize the fuel.


2. Synthetic diesel offers higher octane and zero sulfur emissions. There are numerous articles on the environmental difference between the consumption of oil based diesel and synthetic diesel as it relates to the transportation industry. 


3. There are economic benefits given the right pricing environment or structure. In an environment of high oil prices and low gas prices, the economics of Gas-to-Liquid conversion can be easily demonstrated.  (Which SHM will demonstrate!)


Next post will be based on the challenges faced by the Gas-to-Liquid conversion industry


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